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This is a pearl :)

Do you know why we, as humans are unhappy?

It's because we are addicts.

We are addicted to food and sex. Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Sugars, fats, and salts. Honestly, everything that pumps that dopamine! We are addicted to drugs. Pleasures of all things. And especially to thoughts.

Sure, thinking is a great tool, to do things. But! When there is nothing to do? We are still thinking. Are we not?

Have you ever tried not to think? I mean, truly, stay with no thought? You know? When we are looking at one point? Concentrated. Paying no attention to what's around? But at that very moment, there is no thought in your head?

That's what I'm talking about! Do you experience this every day? Because, when you stay long enough, in that state... You can get comfortable with it. And when you get comfortable, you can feel your own being. Not some other entity. But the entity within. Which is you. You can sense it like any other feeling.

Like pain, annoyance, and stress. Relief, comfort, and relaxation. Joy, happiness, and bliss... It is there, in that state of being. And YOU! Always have it.

All is needed to be done... Is to maintain the being with no thought. Meet the presence as it is. Accept it and not resist it, but let it be. See the world beyond your wildest imaginations. See it as it is. Accept it. And let it guide you to what it is.

   Author : Modestas
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   Date : 2018-11-29 12:16:46

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