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Forums / Apaļais galds / 12/05/1972

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Hello everyone

So if I come here to talk with sort of strong feeling, I'm Buddhist and perhaps furthermore I'm Dalailama, oh holy, His Holiness. And then that mental attitude automatically create some kind of distance from you. As soon as you look other something different than you. And also you yourself also is a consider something different. Then these sort of uneasiness use to came. So therefore I practice this of course firstly, I said there are teaching, we always use to say: Mother sentient being. Even no make distinction: human being, other animals or insects like that.

Eventually if we receive some visitor from another galaxy, is come. Look! Same human being. Maybe little difference of shapes, but basically same then, furthermore, same sentient being. 

Respect them! Look at them as same sentient beings. 

We can officially shake hands! If they have some sort of similar hand. Very good. We can shake hands.

Oh, if we too much, because of the consider, too much emphasis - we are human being on this planet, then some someone, something is to come from outside - stranger. Always watchful. That creates more anxiety, more fear.


2017-12-24 Ever Beyond - Adrieiuous


’15 ’’59

We always encourage an Ubuntu based society. So without the control system in place, we still have a council we don't control our people though we just merely guide, suggest and protect everybody. As a council a lot of our decisions are merely made regarding, you know, any threats in the area. Or, for instance, decisions that include maybe possible moves or other planets that may need help and what we should do and who we should send.

But when it comes to our society, we always try to establish an Ubuntu society where we have you know, barter and trade and we live within our means. We build as we need, we trade as we need. And there's no money system, there's no currency. Currencies here are useless to the way life physically functions, it goes completely against existence, using currency to trade and barter for everything, you shouldn't have to do that. 

Now I remember talking about Standing Rock how up there at the camps, we had an Ubuntu society. We traded as we needed, everybody provided goods and services, everyone had their own talents that they brought to the table and everybody worked together, you know, that was a very good example of a more recent society, you will be actually got together and work together in a barter system. So, you know, free trade and barter without currency. Now, a lot of civilizations outside of this world, you know, that are under Draco control, or, you know, have been influenced by the use of currencies is a system of control, you know, all of them have their own systems of control. And really, for society to thrive, you need to get rid of the control system and allow the people to thrive, you can't do that with a money system in place where everybody is regulated with crumbs, you know, people are not able to freely design and imagine without having to worry about  govern-ments 


 here, coming down on them, without the cabal coming through with their black coats, and taking away the things that they own, are taking their lives away, taking these people and putting them behind bars for nearly inventing. Coming up with things.

The nature of existence is imagination, being able to create and explore, being able to be truly free to do as you wish within reasonable lengths. But you know, we're in we're not designed to be destructive as a people. We're not meant to war against our brothers and sisters, you know, people should be

focusing on imagining, look at the children, the children always imagine.


They play, they have a creative mind, they see a future, every single child sees a future that's better than what it really is. And then they enter the society after they grow old enough. And they realized that the society is a big control system, but many of them don't see it right in front of them. Because they're conditioned from day one to believe that the society is, that this construct this control system is a normal thing that these people slave away. And that's how life is and live, and you die. That's not the way things should be.

 So for people to flourish, the control system has to go away, people have to get rid of currency, they have to rise up against the banks, they have to throw away the control system by overthrowing it. And this is something that yes, people are starting to rise up and do all over the country. And in a peaceful means, which is how things should be done. But they really need to push harder, I'm really proud of the people out there that have been standing up that have been fighting for what's right that have been stopped, and not allowing the control system to push them around anymore.

Look what Iceland did. Iceland is very outspoken!


 So you know, when it comes down to it, people need to rise up and take action if they want an Ubuntu society here. This is what we as a people, as Plejarens try to instill in the people is to get them to do what we know they're capable of doing.

So you know, we're not here to do it all for you. We're here to help you all stand up and do it for yourselves. There are treaties in place that prevent us from just taking control but that's not what we're here to do. You know we are here to help. We're here to guide. We are here to teach you all to show you the way. To help you get out of this control system so that you all can be truly free. That's what we're here to do.

’22 ’’35

Polarization. When I think about that I think of both sides of photo radionics there's a positive side, there's a negative side. And there's a neutral point for all quarks in this universe. Photo radionics applies to everything.So when you talk about polarization, people are more either more positive than negative or more negative than positive, to find, to get people to be, have to find a balance, they have to learn to meditate, they have to learn to focus, they have to learn to discern what's right and what's wrong.

Discernment is important!

And for people to achieve this, they have to look into themselves and find their center. You know, people need to learn to balance by letting go of things to

stop holding on to so much negative

to understand the difference between negative energy and positive energy, there is a massive difference in strength and power, what you can do with it.

So people would need to learn to meditate and focus to be able to learn to find balance, watch nature, watch the world around you. Outside of society, you don't see trees warring against each other, you don't, you may see animals fighting against each other. But that's a food chain, there's always a balance to things. So even in a forest full of animals that are eating each other doing this, and that it's a form of balance the whole forest has a balance, has an ecosystem. Without that ecosystem, the forest would die, the whole forest would over run itself and perish.

So there's always a balance to things, which is why watching nature is a good way to see live examples of balance. So it's all around you, outside of society, it's everywhere you look outside of major cities, you don't see balance in a city per say, not a natural balance. That's a man made balance. And even that isn't really much of a balance. Because the balance is tipped more towards the negative than it is towards the positive in a city. You have control systems, you know, like the police and have the military presence, you know, you have control systems that are put into place like the courts, the judicial system that keep people in fear, so that they can keep them in check. But you don't see a forest growing in fear, forest doesn't need to have fear to grow to be strong and mighty.

Forest just grows. Because that's what it does. Forest will grow and it will develop, it will become big and strong. And all of the trees, they all talk to each other. They have a communications grid, they don't need the internet, they have their own internet, you know, the trees talk, the animals talk, the insects talk, everything communicates here, we just need to learn to listen and hear it and find that balance. study it so everything has a balance, whether it be a negative balance or a positive balance. But you have to find the right balance.


The right balance is right in the middle. World would become completely positive and full of life full of high vibration.

Meditate on a star growing at your center that will raise your vibration faster than anything. Learn to love. Learn to let things go stop holding grudges stop being so negative towards others, you know, learn to forgive people take all of that pain and anguish. Put it on a boat and push it away by itself, let it go release those anchors that will establish balance.


2016 10 27 IRT Viking Jess Adrieiuous

Source: https://youtu.be/F7WQQ4vADK4?t=1129

You know they were thought from day to believe that you grow up. You grow old. You break down, you work your whole life, you slave away. We’re not saying not to work. We’re not saying not to go out and do things, that you enjoy doing or doing things that benefit others. We want people to work together as united front. And that means in Ubuntu society. A basic bartering system, a basic trade system.  They work to develop goods and they do it out of their free will, because they love doing it. 

Everyone has something they love doing that would benefit a society and everyone together would make such a powerful community. Because of all of their unique skill sets. The things they like to do versus the things that they don’t.

You know in order for a society to grow together they have to learn to do what they love to do.

Truly it adds up to a very large community full of very diverse people with many different skill sets. So in order for people to reach this goal the monetary system has to go. You know the very first thing in the society that holds it up, the very foundation what makes this current society will is money. Currency that’s consistent all around the planet. All the round a world.  So get rid of money. That’s the number one thing people should do. Make everything free and then generate goods that going to benefit everyone.You know there’re some people that enjoy farming. There are others that enjoy inventing. There are others that love driving, love to transport things. There are people that love sciences, they love to study how things work and how to better humanity to find cures for illness and disease. You know the thing is, that these diseases and illnesses have a very simple cures even meditation, can cure them. So in order for a society to grow you have to start with foundation. The foundation the cabal created which is money. Get rid of money, get rid of the banks. You don’t need them anymore.So for people to have clean water in cities, all of these processing plants can be repurposed rather than having dump fluoride and other toxins directly into the water supplyMake the water alkalized, put it in vitamins and minerals and other valuable things that people need. Vitamin D is another big one that they could implement into the waters.You know creating high pH of about 9.5 through the entire water supply would benefit these people completely decalcify their pineal glands, just simply by drinking water. Meditation helps with this as well. Helps revitalize their pineal glands. This will help them to better connect with one another. Learn telepathy. Learn to communicate with one another having to exert extra energy by producing sounds and vocalizing the way we do.

This is not something efficient. Telepathy is efficient.

Being able to not just empathize with someone’s situation, but to truly feel it from their perspective, to actually read it from them is amazing.

To be able to understand, where people come from, simply by reading them without having to as them for this information right off the bat. Granted if someone,

if you wanted to read someone deeper you would ask their permission for that! 

So in a society there should always be a level of trust. In an Ubuntu society everyone should be able to trust one another. And this happens, when all of the walls are taken down that divide everyone, that keep everyone individual as far as communication is concerned. Telepathy helps to resolve these types of issues. So everyone would be honest, everyone would have nothing to hide. So this would make it easy for society to be fully trustworthy. Everyone produces goods, everyone works together. It’s a loving compassionate community. Full of people that are all working for the same cause. This can’t happen until this cabal stands down. This can’t happen until money goes away. People need to realize that they are all sovereign. Already as they stand, they are sovereign regardless of the contracts, that they’ve signed the pieces of paper they’ve signed in blood does not matter.These people sovereign in regardless a piece of paper does not dictate, whether you are a slave or whether you are free. You dictate whether you are free or whether you are a slave. You have to understand that this programming is something that is taught. It can be untaught. These things can be broken. This matrix, Viking that you were talking about, can be broken and a free system developed. So free will is something that everyone has. People can choose to do what they want, regardless of what anyone tells them, they should do.

You know we’re not telling people what to do. We’re telling them what they can do. There is a difference. We’re giving them the map, that shows them where this path leads or that path leads in the fork of the road. We’re helping these people to better understand, that one path leads to one direction that may not be so good, other leads to better direction, but they can choose to still go the other way. We’re not forcing them to make a decision. We’re just helping them to do it. 


We want them to understand just how precious they are and how much of a rare commodity all of these people are, they need to know how unique and special they are and how loved they truly are. They need to understand that love and compassion, that the universe has for them. That all of us have for everybody.They need to learn to stop destroying each other. Trying to stop warring with their brothers and sisters. Learn that there is no division.There is no man or woman. There is no black or white. There is no borders. This land is one land.You take away ocean, what is that there is more land. The whole world is one land. Not many lands it’s one land. It’s all the same land, no matter what. You took away all of the oceans on this world. It would just be one piece of land. That’s the only way they divide it. And then they divide it with imaginary borders.  But division doesn’t exist in the universe. There is no division. Everything is made of the same thing. People need to realize just how connected they truly are to the universe and how connected universe is to them.

And that they do matter. Every single thing matters. Every tiny vibration. Every photo radionics wave in this universe has its place and matters. So you are combination of that. From the universe. It’s own consciousness you are experiencing this for the universe. You do matter. Every single person matters. Whether they be friend or foe. Everyone matters. You need to understand that they are one. This is the law of one and that’s the only law. Everything is one. Everything is the same. So there is no division. People don’t need to differentiate between the color of their skin or hair, their eyes, where they come from, what language they speak. What religion they serve. What politics they believe. What  govern-ments


that they vote for.You now they don’t need to differentiate based on where they stand in society. Where they are as far as wealth or poverty. It does not matter. They are all the same. People are all the same here. They are all unique. And they all are the same at the same time. Isn’t that a wonderful thing that you can be unique and the same at the same time. That you can all be one and still be yourself.

That’s the wonder of this universe, that there is free will.  It’s not a good thing to war against each other, because you’re only hurting yourself. When you hurt another you hurt yourself. When you hurt an animal you hurt yourself. You know people need to understand that, when you hurt the Earth you hurt yourself. So every single thing is connected. There is a balance and when the balance is not tipped in right direction it’s why we come to reestablish it. To help you reestablish it, because we’re not going to do it all for you.  But we will help teach you. So that’s why we’re here.

We want them to be able to create without limitations


to be able to explore to really expand their understanding of this universe. We want them to traverse this universe to leave this planet not to abandon it but to go and explore and see what other civilizations are doing. To do what human species was designed to do to be curious, to go out and explore to get know things they never known before. Evolution is the purpose of humanity.


June 29/16 - UFOria Chronicles with James Borg 



How long did it take you to get used to living here? What did you have to do, because obviously you had to be able to blend in somehow. So was it a crash course on blending in or before you came here or we you prepared on?

You don't come here knowing how to blend in, you learn as you go, it took me two decades to learn to blend in properly with everyone. I have to learn to walk and talk like them, learn to work like them, learn to have a personality that they could relate to. It was difficult for me to develop that,

because at first glance, if you saw us fresh from Lyra, we look as though we have very little personality.

It's not that we don't have a personality, but it's not in a way that, that people here would understand or relate to. So it took me, took me about two decades to develop a personality that they could relate to. And even still, I blend in like a chameleon. I can change how I blend in with different situations here. Based on what I read from the people I'm talking to. I can measure their level of understanding within about maybe two minutes. I can measure their language, what they understand as far as the vocabulary and the wording that they use and blend in with them. It's quite easy for me to do nowadays. But back then it was a culture shock for me. It was scary it was frightening being here was very hard at first. You don't know how to blend in when you first come here as I explained earlier. you don't know how to survive here you learn as you go

Are you able to say how many of your people are on this planet right now?

Not many. At least not that are directly from our system. I am one of the very few that are here, there are just a small handful here approximately four or five others and not much else other than that. You will find those that were seeded here. And that's a term I learned over a good amount of time here that were seeded here from the Pleiades. They recycled and chose to come here and they became part of this system.


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