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Fossil fuels don’t need to be used anymore. That is so antiquated. There is no need for us to use oil anymore.


That should have been something that stopped a long time ago – the use of fossil fuels.

We have solar energy. We have plasma generators. We have wind turbines. We have hydropower. There are so many ways to make electricity, to make energy that do not require the use of oil.

They do not require the use of the petroleum. And you know, the only reason, why they keep the people dependence on oil is, because it keeps their slzve system running. That’s it. So there is no another reason for oil to be used in this society. Maybe to grease some mechanical parts, but you can get around the use mechanics, by using non moving parts to move much faster. So there are other ways to travel, that do not require the use of mechanical engines.

You know, but they don’t want people to have that technology, because then the people would have too much freedom.


Freedom is not a word in their vocabulary, unless it’s used in a dishonest way. So the illusion of freedom in the United States, they claim that this is the land of the free, it is anything but. And that applies to all countries around the world. All countries around the world are not free. There is no freedom as long as oil and big banks are still running this world. As long as you have czbal running this world.

Until the people stand up as they are doing now. These is what these camps are about.


More than just shutting down the pipes. It’s showing the cabal, that the people are not going to stand idle anymore. The people are standing up as a united front. We need more people to stand up as far and wide through the world. Not just in the United States, but around the world as they can. People need to stop fearing the czbal.

Is when they stop fearing they are fearless they are unstoppable. Fear is the only thing that stops people.


People went up to Standing rock with no money, with no other place to go. They gave up their lives to be up there. They gave up their jobs, their homes. Some even lost their vehicles, but they didn’t care. They were walking or they carpooled to get to where they needed to go. And you know where they are now? They travel from standing rock to other camps.

They kept the movement going. It has not stopped. They have no fear.



But there’s still not enough. We need more people to stand up, because if everybody stood up tomorrow and ward their voices at cabal,

I guarantee you, they would back down. I guarantee you, that they would weasel away into their little hobbit holes they made. They would run.

The people would be free.

Look at what Iceland did.


They got rid of their bankers. They got rid of their ratschilds in their country.


They pushed them out, so did Russia. Russia got rid of the ratschild banks.

If they can all do it, so can everybody else!

The most valuable commodities in this world, aside from the people themselves, are seeds – food and fresh clean waters. Having these resources available to survive, above everything else, is important.

Can you eat your money? No! You can’t consume money it’s going to make you very sick. When everything else is gone and all you have is pile of cash. What are you going to do with it?


We would be more than willing to help!

Adrie is it possible for you to come forward and work with our government scientists to help improve life here on Earth with your advanced technology?

We could, if they desired that. We would be more than willing to help them. We tried in the past to attempt to guide them in the right direction, but they always refused our teachings. They refuse to listen to what we have to say.

We will not deliver technologies to those that are going to use it in an evil manner.  We won’t teach them to do something that they would use to destroy themselves.


When you hurt the Earth you hurt yourself

What is a difference in what we’ve been taught in our brainwashing schools as to the true physics, that enabled you for instance 40 years ago to get here?


Well the difference is that they won’t teach anybody here how to manipulate photo radionics waves, because it manipulates everything around them. You can be more free, if you understand photo radionics. There is a freedom involved in that, because you can design things, that go beyond these simple physics that you were taught in your schools. The simple mathematics. I mean the most I see people get into these states is string theory and their quantum physics, and their theory of relativity. I broke all of those physics in five minutes on one of my broadcasts, talking with 47 scientists.

All of those physics can be completely disproven and other aspects of those physics that weren’t fully emphasized on can be proven with photo radionics.

The string theory is merely study of what is inside of the quark on many levels and what I’ve been talking about with photo radionics is exactly the answer to string theory. So the physics that people are taught in school are not complete. They’re not the complete physics and they’re only looking at the larger picture and not the microscopic picture. The very simple thing that makes everything work. That makes everything function. That makes everything live.

They don’t understand the essence of what makes life – life. And what makes everything alive. How everything is connected, which is also something that Lakota’s understand and all of the natives here. Understand that every single thing is connected together. That everything is one. They understand that everything has a consciousness.


That the light is no different from the air they breathe. The water they drink or the food they eat. The ground they stand on Earth.

You know they understand that all of the elements are the same. They’re made of the same thing. They’re all one and that the themselves are no different from the world around them.

Which is something we Plejarens taught the people. We tried to teach them these things a long, long time ago. But they still have not last their knowledge and this is something we’re trying to reintroduce

to all of the people here is these physics of everything. Now the physics can be used in a bad way. That’s why I will not teach every detail there is to know about it on the radio.  You know I don’t want people causing harm to themselves, because of misuse of these physics, but what I do want people to understand is to what they’re made of. Where they belong in the universe, what makes them the same as everything else and also what makes them unique.

I want them to understand just how precious they are and how much of a rare commodity all of these people are, they need to know how unique and special they are and how loved they truly are. They need to understand that love and compassion, that the universe has for them. That all of us have for everybody. They need to learn to stop destroying each other. Trying to stop warring with their brothers and sisters. Learn that there is no division.

There is no man or woman. There is no black or white. There is no borders. This land is one land.

You take away ocean, what is that there is more land. The whole world is one land. Not many lands it’s one land. It’s all the same land, no matter what.

You took away all of the oceans on this world. It would just be one piece of land. That’s the only way they divide it. And then they divide it with imaginary borders.  But division doesn’t exist in the universe.

There is no division. Everything is made of the same thing. People need to realize just how connected they truly are to the universe and how connected universe is to them.

And that they do matter. Every single thing matters. Every tiny vibration. Every photo radionics wave in this universe has its place and matters. So you are combination of that. From the universe. It’s own consciousness you are experiencing this for the universe. You do matter. Every single person matters. Whether they be friend or foe. Everyone matters. You need to understand that they are one. This is the law of one and that’s the only law. Everything is one. Everything is the same. So there is no division. People don’t need to differentiate between the color of their skin or hair, their eyes, where they come from, what language they speak. What religion they serve. What politics they believe. What governments that they vote for. You now they don’t need to differentiate based on where they stand in society. Where they are as far as wealth or poverty. It does not matter. They are all the same. People are all the same here. They are all unique.

And they all are the same at the same time. Isn’t that a wonderful thing that you can be unique and the same at the same time. That you can all be one and still be yourself.

That’s the wonder of this universe, that there is free will.  It’s not a good thing to war against each other, because you’re only hurting yourself. When you hurt another you hurt yourself. When you hurt an animal you hurt yourself. You know people need to understand that, when you hurt the Earth you hurt yourself. So every single thing is connected.

There is a balance and when the balance is not tipped in right direction it’s why we come to reestablish it. To help you reestablish it, because we’re not going to do it all for you.  But we will help teach you. So that’s why we’re here.


Photo radionics

Photons are just highly vibrating quarks blown away from the nuclei of their atoms. That’s all they are. Highly vibrating quarks that appeared to glow for the photon is. It’s nothing more than that. Everything is made of the same thing in this universe. Everything is made of photo radionic energy – photo radionics waves, in this universe.

Your string theory here, your scientists. Those strings they see inside of quarks. Those are not strings. Those are photo radionics waves, that they’re looking at. That is what everything in this universe is made of at varying levels of vibratory frequency, which creates the illusion of density or lack thereof. All colors that you perceive are different wavelengths of frequency from these photo radionics waves as they hit the cones and rods in your eyes, they create an electrical signal. What you’re seeing is an illusion. It is a what you call a hologram in a very real way, because everything is made of the same thing. You are no different than a rock or tree or a mountain or a star. Everything is made of the same thing, just different densities, combinations and frequencies. And this is something that we understand as a collective, where I come from. This is common knowledge.

What organizes the different densities?

Different polarities. Certain frequencies attract other frequencies like a magnet. And it creates different densities of photo radionics waves and quarks as a result of this.

You have some quarks that are slightly bigger than others, others are smaller, but they’re all the same thing. And you have nuclei of atoms that have varying numbers of quarks. So this creates different types of atomic structures.


The vibratory frequency in quarks determines, what types of electrons, neutrons and protons orbit the nucleus of an atom, which are also made of photo radionics energy of different polarities. So a photon or a proton, a neutron and an electron are freely floating photo radionics waves in collection. That’s what electricity is.

So that means if we use the right frequencies, we can alter matter very easily actually.

Yes, and it’s very dangerous to do, if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can create or destroy something and I don’t wish for anyone to use knowledge I share to create weapons.

Would it be inappropriate or incorrect I should say that quarks are like meniscal black holes? Is that a way to understand that? Is that wrong way to think about that?

If you have to relate to that. Either have a quark as a miniature star or a quark as a miniature black hole or a quark as a neutral.

The frequencies can go bellow zero into negative or they can be in positive.

This creates the illusion of what you call dark matter. This also creates matter, antimatter and matter. And when those types of quarks collide they don’t cancel themselves out. They become neutral, they look like they cancel out, they look like they disappear, but they don’t.


What is gravity and does it have a frequency?

Gravity has multiple frequencies, but it’s related to hydrogen ironically – hydrogen atoms.


But with the gravity here is ironically causes due to part in the Earth there are double massive plates in the Earth that shift and it creates a friction, which creates magnetic field.

The gravity here comes from grinding of two major plates underground. This planet is not solid despite popular theory. You have two shells like two overlaying egg shells and they grind at different speed which creates a rolling effect of minerals underground and what that does is create an electric charge. It creates a gravitational field pulling from both sides. The inner side is pulling opposite, the outer side. Both of them pull inwards towards each other. You have a zero gravity zone of about 11 miles (17.7 km) in between in some places, where there are cavities.

You have a magmatic layer which runs around the planet, it’s not solid all the way around. It’s not solid magmatic layer. There are some places, where you can travel straight through into the crust without hitting heat. The magma is created, when plates are grinding downwards underneath each other and they hit underlying plate, which pulls it between the two plates and grinds it into magma due to friction melts it into magma creating heat.

We do levitate there too. Our gravity is not as heavy as it is here. We have less gravity there. It’s easier to create a diamagnetic field, which can lift you above the ground.


Why do planets rotate?

Why do planets rotate? What else rotates Adrie?

Planets rotate, but so do stars. So the Merkaba fields, what do you think this Earth generates aside from magnetic field? The Earth itself has basically a Merkabah field that rotates. The planet itself rotates, because it’s made of photo radionics waves within quarks all throughout it. It rotates because it’s interacting with the outside opposing photo radionics waves that are in a different phase, cause the whole planet to turn. The energies within the planet cause rotation.

Everything circulates, the whole planet has a big toroid of energy from big dip from the North Pole straight to the South.

< P.S. I don't know how accurate toroid animation bellow is! Looks beautiful thought. >

Everything is rotating, so not only is that magnetic field rotating vertically, it also rotates horizontally – yes. A galaxy rotates. One thing people realizes that rotates.

Every single thing rotates.

So why can’t you?

Your energies rotate, when you are focusing on a star growing at your center. Those energies rotate as well. Just like everything else does.

And this maintains a balance. So every single thing rotates in this universe – whole universe. Everything also revolves around other energies. So you’ll find that this perception of gravity out there, that people call gravity causes objects to rotate in orbit around other objects.

So the fake satellite we have up there, that people call a moon rotate.

It swings around this planet, because it’s attracted to the same magnetic field. It’s actually attracted by the difference between the vibratory energy created by this planet.

 All of those quarks actually cause an attraction from the quarks from this fake satellite. So the rotation and orbits of things they revolve each other. It’s a big magnet. At the center of this planet you have also have quarks that are highly dense a negative phase, which in a big cluster creates also, what you consider to be a

black hole?

Not exactly black hole thought, but it creates. It’s like magnet having a certain positioning of the atoms, where the quarks are actually attracting metals. It’s basically the same thing. Quarks can do the same thing. Quarks alone in a cluster can do the same thing on a much more powerful scale creating a gravitational pull as people call it.

I am gesturing with my fingers so people can see. So anyway there are many physics about photo radionics, that one day I would like to delve into. Dedicate a whole broadcast. So that I can teach you all some physics that will actually mean something that you can use to your advantage. Explain these things and the relationships between different things. I have touch on that on previous broadcasts I’ve actually brought up about the photo radionics and relationship between quarks and photo radionics waves and everything else around it that builds an atom. Why these things work

Yes, the moon is artificial. Its big artificial satellite. Always has been. We all known that. So I figure it wouldn’t hurt to let you known this. People need to stand up for themselves against this cabal. I know I say this periodically at all of my broadcasts, but I just don’t see enough that happened. I see a lot of people standing up now. Rising up against big oil and big money. And you know I see really people really beginning to spread their voice around, but I’m still not seeing enough and I want to see more of this world stand up for themselves.

I want to see more of you come to realization that you’re done. You’re fed up with the way this society has been treating you. You know as they say in Spanish – finoto – DONE! You know people need to make this stuff stop! And the way you do is to express their opinions and the voices on the matter. Stand up! You don’t need weapons to do this. Don’t need weapons because your voice is a weapon, your pen is a weapon more than a gun or a missile. People don’t need these things.

People need to stand up and they need to rise up for themselves and for others. To stand up for the people that can’t defend themselves and then hopefully they will learn themselves too. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there, that still just don’t believe. Even it’s right in front of them and always has been. Don’t believe that there are evil forces in this world that are really tried to hurt them. They have no idea that’s right in front of them. It always has been within hands reach. Everything you see around you, the society around you is a cover for everything their doing. It’s a distraction. All of these things are distractions. They want to keep your mind away from what’s important. They want to keep your mind away existence. And they want you to sleep. You’re not living, when you’re sleeping away. You’re not living when you have the government your mind control sytem. Yes government as I iterated another broadcast literally means mind control – govern menta. It’s a mind control system. People believe in the government and it’s not that they believe in it because that’s what they want to do, they haven’t been taught any other way.

This is why I’m talking about this, why I have been talking about it. I want people to wake up and see what’s right in front of them. And then to come to their own conclusion that they’ve had enough, but you don’t have to do this in evil way. You have to rise up in a peaceful way, you have to stand up for yourselves in a peaceful way. You know when you shine a simple light, a simple flashlight into a fully dark room, it lights it up, you just defeated the dark. It’s that simple. You don’t need anything incredibly powerful, you need your own light to do it.

Dimensions & timelines

The dimensions they keep going.

The furthest I’ve seen is 7th I haven’t been able to see beyond that, because that’s the highest I’ve made it to, but the 5th is where most people make it and the 4th, but there are so many dimensions. This is an onion, that not only grows outwards it grows inwards too.

Almost eternally. It’s like asking how high numbers can go. Where does the circle end? Where does a sphere end? It just goes and goes and goes.

So that are many, many answers that lead circles like that in this world. In this universe, because everything is very eternal.

Now timelines are different. There are many, many timelines, but there are a set amount of variables.

So there is a point where it comes back around full circle. But every timeline has its own set of unique variable settings/ preferences. Each variable slightly different value than the timeline next to it or the one next to that. And this is what differentiates events between different timelines. This is why one timeline we may have a different set of events in another. Why they always do and these events can also change when timelines crisscross, when they collide.

You can have a variable completely swap places with another timeline. This is what creates what you call the Mandela effect.

Where you still remember the past. You remember all the variables that were there before, but now you see this new variable that just magically got injected into this timeline.

What happens with CERN, when they turn on that CERN collider, another CERN collider in nearby timeline and also turns on and like a magnet pulls these two timelines over each other. They criss cross through just for that moment and some variables swap places. And it creates kind of helix effect eventually, becase the more they do this, the more of these variables they criss cross the timelines, kind of make what it looks like a double helix. Timelines are little different then dimensions, so within the same layer of onion, but there are many different lines of variables all with the same set of number of variables, just different values.

Frequencies are always increasing. The frequencies universally are increasing – yes. They have been for a long time, which will eventually lead this to become let’s say maybe 3.1 or 3.2D. Eventually you will cross into 3.5, but it will take a very, very, very long time for that to happen.

So what I’m saying is the fast route, the freeway route to get there is to merely meditate, raise your own frequency and you can help others do the same and get there much faster.

If we lower our frequencies, we will go back in time?

It has to be done at the level of your quarks and that is usually done with technology.

It’s not easy to do that with your vessel itself, with your body, but you can do that with the help of certain technologies to travel through different frequencies, but maintaining your frequency at the level of the time of which you travel is difficult unless you remain within your vehicle. This is why you don’t see many of us land and exit our vehicles. We don’t do that often, because it’s very hard on us to be in lower frequencies. Especially those that are very far back in time, like let’s say in your time scale you want to go back 4000 years

it’s going to be very difficult for you to walk this Earth 4000 years ago, because your frequencies is going to want to return to its original frequency, where it was before you travel.

So it’s hard to stay within a certain time unless you have devices to assist with that.





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