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A Channeled Message

This is the message that I have channeled approximetally three days ago. So I used this time to translated it to english. And here it is :D

Let’s realize, that in every given moment of our life, energy is flowing through our body. Like a little sream flowing through towards one direction, uninterrupted. This is the same life force energy in our body. This energy is not visible, but a person can feel it in its body.

A person might not feel it because of being too much in their thought process. And while being in the thought, resonate towards illusion, which is material aspect physical of existence.

By nature, human being is not a material entity. Although now, more likely material manifestation of physical conscious being which is fully mingled with material aspect of existence.

When a human being pulls back itself from physical reality, then the energy flow gets more balanced and flows with less interruption of mind, which is by the way always there. But a person might not feel it.

At this point, a person is more likely to feel the energy flow. And it gives an opportunity to experience different kinds of consciousness expressions in physical manifestation. Like highly positive euphoric emotions and states of being, without being stimulated by physical material manifestation (desires).

While feeling this state of being, the mind starts to relax itself much faster when given a goal. Although, for a mind’s point of understanding, physical world is it’s kingdom. Therefore, human beings rarely stay in these sorts of conscious being for long periods of time.


However, if we remember how this conscious expression manifested inside our bodies – it exists. And if we do remember, we can actually make it a personal practice to go back and eventually stay in these states of being. IF WE TRULY WANT IT. If so, in this case important thing is calmness and total honesty, and unconditional love towards oneself. This is like the keys to a higher layers of consciousness. Towards inner and outer evolution of human being.


   Author : Modestas
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   Date : 2017-11-28 11:12:00

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