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Lucid / My favorite

Channeling info and Corey goode and mismatch
Here in this video as always about many topics icnluding Corey Goode and channeling info.. ... Read more
0   1    342    Date : 2018-03-26 12:25:57


Questions from viewers about channeling and how to get closer to it
Questions about channeling how to get closer to the channeling and questions about it. Cheers! ... Read more
0   1    230    Date : 2018-03-26 12:24:29


News / My comments

Enrico school / 1.Level Body, mind and energy transformations when entering channeling
I love and appreciate your teachings so much. Thank You! ....
Date : 18/08/08 12:58 | Read more -->

Enrico school / Insiders talk about Pleidians that are here
Fascinating to hear it from human experience. Thank you for sharing, I loved it! Kerry can not comprehend what the higher powers that be, or "third ....
Date : 18/04/29 09:39 | Read more -->



Video / Interview with Matt
Hi Matt. I watched your interview via YouTube and at 1:17:17, yes, I could see the blue/green/translucent colors shape shifting around your head long....
Date : 17/01/15 02:07 | Read more -->

Video / Enrico : Life is beautiful
Thank you so much translator!....
Date : 16/11/22 12:20 | Read more -->

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