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3.acs benefits
Many people even I give 95% of the population is beyond any anticipation of what is hidden in his body. just like the air that we breathed but we do not see is the body energy field that we do not see the use. Third Eye is the energy center that allows you to see exactly means a lot more to the physical eyes can not see. Third Eye, lets see thoughts, visual images, and events that take place infinitely numerous parallel worlds. Signs tha... Read more
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The lucky ones can do what they want because they make it what they want !
Do what you want ! This article will devote more technical issues. What do you want ? . the same phrase inversion ! . Doing this effectively means that we want to lift our vibration . For many, the name means nothing to vibration , and personally I also vibration is only when something vibrates ? . Not your computer , not your phone, there is a tree , not the sun . Everything is energy fluctuations in interpreting the divine light created by o... Read more
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I was afraid of what might happen?
There is a very significant difference between the people who live, and who survives. Mostly human life, starting from childhood, since children are placed in the root basics of thinking and bērnīmā child's energy fields are more open to any dimension. Beribi The child must know that life will be like, he will want it, and everything will be what he wants, which is why small children often get it what they want, and even more, candy machi... Read more
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Cosmic consciousness
Many people strive for goals that are eager to achieve. But can it be achieved? Can However, people are unaware of the universe accuracy, and how accurate it is, people are thinking with your mind, trying to get the ideal target, such as a perfect relationship, a particular case, or wealth, or anything that everyone should be able to imagine with your mind. universe and this energy much more familiar with you, and the more it makes you rea... Read more
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Silence to success
Daudzi cilvēki protams ļoti vēlas daudz ko sasniegt, bet vieži vien vadās neziņās, un vilšanās. Vai ari seko vilšanās, un atkārtota izgāšanās vai neveiksmes. Tās ir tikai mācibas, jo kaut ko dariet nepareizi, un apstiprinot to kā aj nesanāca, jūs nesapratīsiet šo mācibu, vai apstiprinot to ka pie tā bijā kāds vainīgs arī nesapratīsiet šo mācību. Ceļš uz panākumiem ved tikai caur praktiskām mācībām, praks... Read more
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Visualization strength
Pirms kāda gada, radās dziļa pārliecība un sajūta, a caur vizualizāciju cilvēks spēj sasniegt jebko. Man radās uzreiz liela intereses, un griba izmēģināt. Vizualizācija savā veidā ir visuma apmānīšana, visuma enerģijas vadīšana, un vēlēšanās ko tu vēlies un visums tev to piedāvās. Dzīve ir lai gūtu unikālas fiziskas pieredzes, un tev ir tikai jāievēlas ko tu vēlies, taču ir cilvēki kuriem uz doto brīdi n... Read more
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Enricooo first letter
Getting to know the spirit world still vairākHay , my name is Enricooo : D I'm from another planet but in any case, get in touch with you. Now tell you what is in the spirit world , or at least the most interesting we've learned contacting you . The first, and everything interesting is the way you behave themselves and Behave and what you have been . It's awful to be interesting and fun and jautrinoši if we ask for what we do in the free time, ... Read more
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There will always be a second chance
There will always be a second chance. More information brings one more terms and definitions , more definition creates more uncertainty , and it raises a paradox , the more knowledge you entering the most ignorant . This case will be more likened to explore the world . What one will know about God if he has thousands of different picture of . What does one know about any religion when there are thousands of opposites to each other . What one will... Read more
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I woke up in another world
I woke up in a different world It was an ordinary day in the life of us , just like everyone at the events , it is the experience of the memories of experiences. We are in this life feel like home, we wake up and remembering dreams thought - dim ! . But not until a set number of times . Because how can we distinguish between a dream if we remember him just waking up ? . First by jumping out of the world experience the world , there is a feeling... Read more
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Travel between dimensions
... Read more
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In order to get out of the cage must die
Kāds mednieks,kurš reizi sezonā dodas uz džunģļiem medīt, dodoties medībās, pēkšņi dziļu džungļos atrod skaitu vietu kā oāzi, kurā lidinās ļoti daudz papagaiļi, ļoti skaistās krāsas, un runā ļoti skaistās balsīs. Mednieks paņem tīklu noķer vienu papagaili un aizved mājas, iesloga to būrī, un ļoti rūpējās par to, baro ar skaistiem un garšīgiem ēdieniem, dod visu to labāko savam papagailim. Nākošajā se... Read more
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Today, I was born
I was born today. initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width . That I ran away from home celebration , running away from fear turn around and look - big bang the universe disappears , and a great wave of the explosion propelled into the speed of light across the surface , a blink of an eye also destroying all our festive table which our bodies and with very . . . . And quiet, no nothing , and if nothing then , and so it remained tha... Read more
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energy awakening symptoms
energy of awakening signs Energy Awakening is for everyone and that it gives everyone signs each person is an individual. Energy awakening symbolized by a snake called the "Kundalini ", the symbol is also found in many histories, as well as emergency medical symbol with a snake climbing a spine. "Kundalini " awakening of the human energy revival based on the chakras, opening each chakra the person matures to very high link with intelli... Read more
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Be the stream of the universe!
Nomierinies, atslābsti, atbrīvojies nekad nesapringsti, nekad neuztraucies, nekad nebēdājies, nekad nebaidies, nekad nesatraucies! Nekad nepardzīvo! Esi plūsmā ar visumu! Un visums vienmēr teiks un rādīs ceļu lai vienmēr tev būtu viss ko tu vēlies!Un vienmēr tev palīdzēs izvairīties no sliktām lietām! Esi ar sevi un mierā, un ceļš vienmēr atradīsies uz jebko ko vēlēsies, tev pat ceļu nevajg zināt, ceļš pats uzr... Read more
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astral travel
Astral travel ceļošanaAstrālā ability to be formed at the time we begin to understand that they are. What to we know who we are . To what we know and feel that we live in a body and not only are the body . People are becoming aware of yourself all over in a variety of senses , there is a strong fear arises ermine , formed spasms, and one of the characteristics appear very real dreams . What is astral travel ? . Your soul is you , it is you w... Read more
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