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Matt : Movie Terminator Genisys Review

Just few days ago i watched the movie Terminator Genisys, and this is my review of that movie ... Read more
1   0    462    Date : 2015-07-21 23:02:35
Movie "Art of peace" Spirit Channelers in Latvia (Full length)

This is Full length movie "Art of Peace" Spirit Channelers in Latvia. Staring : Matīss Barkovskis & Enrico Linda Vītoliņa & AngelaKate Štamere & MiNiks Edušs  & KjenThis Movie was created in home enviroment.This movie is based only on Channelers in Latvia who have achieved the ability to communicate with entities. Also we have created a school in which people can learn to do channeling here in Latvia. Channel ... Read more
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