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Video / The important message from the Pleiadian brothers and sisters

This is a Channeled message from the Pleadias, the most important message you have to listen the video till the end. BUT the most important message is that, you, We humans are not alone in the universe, There are Our human loving brothers and sisters from other galaxies, that are here to help and assist us in many ways possible.! They are here on a mission to change the earths informational energetical field. And the most important message is that, We humans are not alone! Our brothers and sisters are here with us!

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Thank you so much for your English version! Amazing information. Warm appreciation.

Date : 16/08/31 09:37       

Steve Padilla
Matiss (Matt) I heard you have written a book can you give me details on how to purchase or locate it. I am very interested in your work. Thank you, I LOVE you always and forever!

Date : 16/07/10 07:22       

There are two books one is art of channeling or how to channel.. the other is sun world. Im working on a e store there i will publish them.. if you want a pdf.. you can ask me via message
Date : 16/07/14 02:48

Steve Padilla
Incredible message that resonated on many levels, I'm thrilled I discovered your channelings by pure luck! It is time to unite humanity in truth, love and light! NAMASTE

Date : 16/07/08 07:39       

Thanks :))
Date : 16/07/08 10:06

Tommy Hung
Thank you Matt for translating and delivering the message in English! Blessing!

Date : 16/07/04 08:35       

Thanks! :)
Date : 16/07/04 12:36