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Articles / If videos from Enrico School wount work

If videos from Enrico School wount work.

If videos on Enrico School woun't play what to do?
On Each device basicly there are different configurations. There fore there are cases where videos have to be prepare for each device, such as resolution and codec. Specialy when running on Iphone, ipad, and some android devices, where they require special codec for mobile devices. In this subject there are things that you wanna try if a video doesnt work.

1.Try using a different browser, such as FireFox, Google Chrome etc.

All videos have been tested on Windows, FireFox and Google Chrome. There may be cases where your broser, or device doens't recognize the video, there fore you wanna try to install different browser on your device, such as FireFox and try it then with FireFox.

2.Try a different device.

If the point didnt solve your problem try using a different device, see if that helps. Remember some times a device works better when it is turned on. :) 

3.Change the video format.

Since ( 08.11.2018 ) we have made an update that every video now has a org. format, 240p format, and a mp3 format. Mp3 format can be used to listen on your mobile device, with sound only. If non of the videos work then use this mp3 format. Also Some devices cannot play large resolution videos, there fore try the 240p as a low resolution video. 


4.Some times help

Restart a device


5.Chant a mantra.

Try chanting a mantra : Please work pleas work 108x times.


If non of the steps helped, please contact me - Cheers! : Matt - Send a mail on the left side, or in latvian Sūtit vēstuli. Cheers!

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i dont want to send you too many emails but not sure you received. video 61 for energy blocks was paid for but is not in my paid list and it appears is not in english? can you help me?

Date : 19/03/09 08:39