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Interview with Matt
Thanks for a nice interview. if have any questions. Please write on comments. Enjoy! ... Read more
1   1    651    Date : 2016-11-26 18:05:51


Enrico : Life is beautiful
This channeling has been recorded 2 years ago, and was a very interesting channeling, talking about life, anergies and what life is.The topics are wide around many questions and answers. ... Read more
1   1    667    Date : 2016-11-16 20:50:23


Enrico CHanneling : What happens in channeling and depresion, bad situations, and sad situations
THis is translation how and what happens in channeling, little more about depresion and comming over depresion or sad feelings. ... Read more
0   1    281    Date : 2016-11-09 19:04:04


DIY solar USB charger bank
This is the first ready to use power storage, where you can store energy in it and use it up latter.In the video i will give morre detailed info about ... Read more
0   0    5    Date : 2017-02-27 13:24:48

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1.Level 3.lesson How to enter the channeling state
1.Level 3.lesson How to enter the channeling state
This is the 3rd lesson of Channeling School. How to enter channeling, what energy you need, how to start reading energies, getting ditailed info, oppening the channel, how do chakras get involve ... Read more
Learning video
12  2   2260   Date : 2017-06-26 16:52:19

Tommy Hung,   Monica Colmenares   

Over coming doubts and how to get more success!
This video is about gray auras, doubts disbelive to self, and to those who think they dont have enough of energy to acheive any thing.JUST GO AND DO IT! ... Read more
0   1    133    Date : 2017-05-11 12:59:00


Understanding Chi Energy
Last several days i had a group of people and we did chi energy practices. Basicly to understand Chi a little more you have to do practices, it is nice that many people talk about it or watch videos. Bu ... Read more
1   1    417    Date : 2017-04-25 15:29:44


Earth's history
This video is the latest channeling information about earths history, pleiadians and other planets. Also about hybrid life forms. ... Read more
0   1    134    Date : 2017-04-08 14:11:50

Closed account  

Parralel realities, how do realities devide and more
THis is one of the latest channeling look backs, where one of student of channeling class started to channel a pleiadian being, who shared about multi reality, and other realities, and i put ... Read more
1   1    514    Date : 2017-03-17 13:29:32

Michael Flake  

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