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Raksti / 3. Vēstijums no 9. dimensijas Niiin

3. Vēstijums no 9. dimensijas Niiin

Oh, dear children, beloved ones.
Compassion is your planet’s saviour. So our message is about compassion.
We are connected, we are related and we are telling you, Gaya deserves compassion.
Your planet is bountiful and beautiful.
Taste the gratitude.
Feel how surrounded you are, how safe you are, how loved you are.
When you expand yourself, you allow other people to clearly understand that they are not alone, that somebody understands and supports them in their journey and struggles.
No religion needs to feel compassion.
Please recognise this- you are connected, you are related. Compassion is bigger than the pain and fears. Compassion sees clearly because compassion is the biggest sister of love.
You know the story about blind horse. The kindness is language for every creature on this planet.
Because of kindness, the blind can see and the deaf can hear.
This is the language of love, but you can’t recognise love until you understand use of compassion. Compassion sees over your pain, when the others suffer.
Compassion is your planets saviour.
We are beloved, so you are beloved as ONE.

With all my loving heart ❤️

Channeled by Linda Vitolina

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