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Interview with one who was able to materialize anything!
Interview with one who was able to materialize anything! Already in ancient times back throughout history people have lived and traveled thoughts on what is one to experience this life? . . . . . Then I had no body , not the mind , and opening his eyes in his new body had thought , now I am here ! . But it is not the experience or event fascinates me . more thoughts on what is true and what is not? . I'd say you're still actually an act , o... Read more
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There will always be a second chance
There will always be a second chance. More information brings one more terms and definitions , more definition creates more uncertainty , and it raises a paradox , the more knowledge you entering the most ignorant . This case will be more likened to explore the world . What one will know about God if he has thousands of different picture of . What does one know about any religion when there are thousands of opposites to each other . What one will... Read more
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I woke up in another world
I woke up in a different world It was an ordinary day in the life of us , just like everyone at the events , it is the experience of the memories of experiences. We are in this life feel like home, we wake up and remembering dreams thought - dim ! . But not until a set number of times . Because how can we distinguish between a dream if we remember him just waking up ? . First by jumping out of the world experience the world , there is a feeling... Read more
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We are all from the same family
We are all one family ! Since we came to this earth that we are innocent little souls came from a clean area , full of joy , full of light and full of love flowing through us a very large universe of intelligence and knowledge. We had it all as one , we were like one whole family , even though we are from each other now and then parted , however, were always in contact , and the true happiness to meet our loved ones again and again . birth on ear... Read more
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The ability to have all of us
The ability to have us all. One of the most unusual and mysterious all full of human qualities is the ability ! . Why does it seem unusual ? Therefore that is used in science , education, senses , understanding the . Mostly man , or rather the soul wakes up just beginning to sense such things , but it very easy to forget . Those people who are halfway through the remaining souls do not worry I will fully understand and try to help you with the... Read more
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Task Vita !
Task VitūKādā secretly happy village , where for many years enjoyed peace , harmony , happiness, and most of all the people were very united and believed the universe. Many were seen auras golden colored and very strong , a lot of ability to make sense of life and every seed to grow a tree or shrub which themselves could . Carry the fruit yourself and giving life to a beautiful tree . The village people were very prevalent spiritual and very g... Read more
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10 years old boy
10 years old boy and football. Like this slight article as well as many other minor life is God's dream spoguļojums . God is gaining perfection solving intelligence , solving it any coincidence is to take place for this to happen . Just like Kubik , a combination to be the most beautifully assembled Rubik's cube over each color in their edge . But our intelligence is bordered in 3 dimensions . How would it be if the Rubik's cube is not a 3x3, bu... Read more
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My Yesterdays
My Yesterdays. Yesterday was a very strange day , I woke up and looked out the window as my cousin to come here , but it was strange that he still had the same red car and that he himself came . After a while I sat in his room and talked and this brought his furniture repair , some were new , some were used in the other brought home . It seemed very interesting, but especially do not think much about it . The day was quite sunny with a few clouds... Read more
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The first sun
First sauleTā was the most beautiful , warmest and most charming experience throughout the whole stream of consciousness as the ability to cosmic and divine consciousness while experiencing. It would not be called up for the first day in this country , or the world as it was an experience , and that there was only one time only ! . Light in not only leading the way but gives life to the light that opened our eyes and made ​​it possible to s... Read more
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Today, I was born
I was born today. initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, width=device-width . That I ran away from home celebration , running away from fear turn around and look - big bang the universe disappears , and a great wave of the explosion propelled into the speed of light across the surface , a blink of an eye also destroying all our festive table which our bodies and with very . . . . And quiet, no nothing , and if nothing then , and so it remained tha... Read more
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dog who caught the happiness
Kāds jauns suns, skrien pa riņķi dienu nakti cenšoties noķert savu asti, domādams ka tādi noķers laimi un prieku. Kādu dienu pie šī jaunā suņa pienāk vecāks sunis, un prasa ko tu dari? Jaunākais atbild : ķeru asti, jo tad es iegūšu laimi prieku un panākumus. Vecākais atbild: Skaties, es dodos cauri, kalniem un lejām, cauri purviem un rožu dārziem, un panākumi man pašam seko jo zinu ka aste ir ar mani vienmēr! ... Read more
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The Story of a Guru
Stāts par vienu Guru kurš savu dzīvi jau no jaunības gājis paša ceļu lai izzinātu pasauli. Gadiem ejot Guru jau spēja veikt lietas par ko citi cilvēki brīnījās, viņš teica dzīve ir kā liela ilūzija un mēs faktiski fiziski nepastāvam, tā ir tikai ilūzija mūsu domās kas veido mums visiem fiziskas formas nozīmes. Viņš teica ka mēs ikviens veidojam šo ilūziju ar savu ticību, savām domām un to visu kombinējot ar sav... Read more
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The Tale of Brahma\'s son donated my wisdom.
Ķēniņš Iksvaku, valdot pār valsti, reiz gremdējās dziļās domās – „Kāds gan šai Pasaulei ir iemesls? Pasaulei, kas pilna ciešanām, sāpēm, vecumu, nāvi, dažādām baudām un muļķībām.” Ilgās pārdomās nespējot rast atbildi, viņš devās pie sava tēva Manū, kas bija paša Brahmas dēls, un pienācīgi sveicot viņu vaicāja: „Piepildot Tavu vēlmi, es nāku pie Tevis ar neatrisināmu problēmu. Jel palīdzi man s... Read more
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kitten luck
202 ... Read more
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guru teaches student
At one great guru of Zen, the middle time goes one student who wants to achieve a lot in his life and viarāk understand the life of a much higher level. students with teachers going hiking in the mountains. For a few hours spent on the road, and then they both sit down to eat a little. Learners finally sees the opportunity to ask a question. Nenociešas and asks the teacher how the universe? What is higher education? Teacher do not. L... Read more
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