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A'drie Of Lyra

We want them to be able to create without limitations to be able to explore to really expand their understanding of this universe. We want them to traverse this universe to leave this planet not to abandon it but to go and explore and see what other civilizations are doing. To do what human species was designed to do to be curious, to go out and explore to get know things they never known before. Evolution is the purpose of humanity. 



You know they were thought from day to believe that you grow up. You grow old. You break down, you work your whole life, you slave away. We’re not saying not to work. We’re not saying not to go out and do things, that you enjoy doing or doing things that benefit others. We want people to work together as united front.

And that means in Ubuntu society. A basic bartering system, a basic trade system.  They work to develop goods and they do it out of their free will, because they love doing it.

 Everyone has something they love doing that would benefit a society and everyone together would make such a powerful community. Because of all of their unique skill sets. The things they like to do versus the things that they don’t. You know in order for a society to grow together they have to learn to do what they love to do.

Truly it adds up to a very large community full of very diverse people with many different skill sets. So in order for people to reach this goal the monetary system has to go. You know the very first thing in the society that holds it up, the very foundation what makes this current society will is money. Currency that’s consistent all around the planet. All the round a world. So

get rid of money. That’s the number one thing people should do. Make everything free and then generate goods that going to benefit everyone.

You know there’re some people that enjoy farming. There are others that enjoy inventing. There are others that love driving, love to transport things. There are people that love sciences, they love to study how things work and how to better humanity to find cures for illness and disease. You know the thing is, that these diseases and illnesses have a very simple cures even meditation, can cure them. So in order for a society to grow you have to start with foundation. The foundation the cabal created which is money. Get rid of money, get rid of the banks. You don’t need them anymore. So for people to have clean water in cities, all of these processing plants can be repurposed rather than having dump fluoride and other toxins directly into the water supply.

Make the water alkalized, put it in vitamins and minerals and other valuable things that people need. Vitamin D is another big one that they could implement into the waters. You know creating high pH of about 9.5 through the entire water supply would benefit these people completely decalcify their pineal glands, just simply by drinking water.

Meditation helps with this as well. Helps revitalize their pineal glands. This will help them to better connect with one another. Learn telepathy. Learn to communicate with one another having to exert extra energy by producing sounds and vocalizing the way we do. This is not something efficient. Telepathy is efficient.

Being able to not just empathize with someone’s situation, but to truly feel it from their perspective, to actually read it from them is amazing. To be able to understand, where people come from, simply by reading them without having to as them for this information right off the bat.

Granted if someone, if you wanted to read someone deeper you would ask their permission for that. So in a society there should always be a level of trust. In an Ubuntu society everyone should be able to trust one another. And this happens, when all of the walls are taken down that divide everyone, that keep everyone individual as far as communication is concerned. Telepathy helps to resolve these types of issues. So everyone would be honest, everyone would have nothing to hide. So this would make it easy for society to be fully trustworthy. Everyone produces goods, everyone works together. It’s a loving compassionate community. Full of people that are all working for the same cause. This can’t happen until this cabal stands down. This can’t happen until money goes away. People need to realize that they are all sovereign. Already as they stand, they are sovereign regardless of the contracts, that they’ve signed the pieces of paper they’ve signed in blood does not matter.

These people sovereign in regardless a piece of paper does not dictate, whether you are a slave or whether you are free. You dictate whether you are free or whether you are a slave.

You have to understand that this programming is something that is taught. It can be untaught. These things can be broken. This matrix, Viking that you were talking about, can be broken and a free system developed. So

free will is something that everyone has. People can choose to do what they want, regardless of what anyone tells them, they should do.

You know we’re not telling people what to do. We’re telling them what they can do. There is a difference. We’re giving them the map, that shows them where this path leads or that path leads in the fork of the road. We’re helping these people to better understand, that one path leads to one direction that may not be so good, other leads to better direction, but they can choose to still go the other way. We’re not forcing them to make a decision. We’re just helping them to do it.


Standing rock

Standing Rock North Dakota is epicenter of attempt to save ecosystem from the fossil fuel industry

The Lakota tribe has an old prophecy about a black snake called Zuzeca Sape, a massive black poisonous reptile that cuts through the land poisoning everything it touches and bringing about the end of us. It seems that of this pipeline is not stopped the prophecy will be fulfilled as majority of the Mid West's water supply could be in jeopardy, spreading cancer and death to all.


Enough is enough!

Want to make America great again

Give it back to natives. Show the world, how the land should be treated! Stand up for yourselves, you can do this peacefully, reclaim your sovereignty.

Look at Iceland!


Iceland is very outspoken. They may be small land, but what they did is gigantic.


Adrieiuous Front Line at Standing Rock


Adrieiuous Front Line at Standing Rock Live update from Adrieiuous at Standing Rock where he is participating with the water protectors.

Description of his experience on the bridge removing a barricade so emergency vehicles could pass through.  There was a confrontation with "authorities" armed with rubber bullets, flash bangs and water cannons.  They also fired rubber bullets and water cannons at the other peaceful protestors at the camp.

The camps as an Ubuntu society, bartering, making a difference and "setting differences aside and standing together."

It's not just a new beginning, it's a revolution.  It's been overdue for a long time. 

And we're doing this without guns, we're doing this with our voices, we're doing this with our actions, we're doing this with love and compassion, and a peaceful resolve.

If we can do it, so can all of you.



When you raise your vibrations enough your physical frequency rises up much higher. We resonate lower than Schuman resonance here, the Schuman frequency

and when you exceed that frequency physically you become photo radionic. Your cells vibrate so high that you physically glow

and you will physically leave this this plane in your entirety.

You don’t leave without your body you leave with it. Your body is a vehicle that will carry you out of this place if you ascend.

 The way you do that is by raising your vibration. Nor you cannot sail a boat with your anchor down nor can you fly hot air balloon with with your weights attached. In order to ascend you have to let go of all of the bad things that you hold resentment over your life. You need to learn to forgive people even if they don’t deserve to be forgiven in your mind. You need to let go.

You need to let go of pain, anger, sadness, anguish, misery, jealousy, ego. You need to release these things. You cannot sail a boat with your anchor down you have to cut those chains. Then you can begin to ascend, then you can begin to heal when you meditate on a star growing at your center and you release these things you will physically begin to grow younger.

It is possible as they say you know you can’t go back once you’ve gone down the other side of the hill. That is not true. You can reverse your age.

 You can undo that damage, because age damage is just damage just like anything else. It’s damage like a cutter or bruise everything heals. Age damage is just damage accrued over a very long period of time.

That’s all it is. It’s one of the easiest things to reverse. Anybody any age in this society can undo their damage. The more damage you have the longer it will take, but it will not take years and years and years to undo decades’ worth of damage. It could be undone within couple of years. 

 It’s very easy thing to fix, but the problem is low vibration, which is something engineered into this society. It is the way these people are taught.

It is the things that they do. It is how they react to other people, how they interact with other people. They are taught that being angry is ok, they’re taught that being sad is okay. Albeit those things are okay to feel. It’s counterproductive if you’re trying to ascend because now you’re adding anchors on. You’re adding weights to your balloon. You’re not going to sail; you’re not going to fly.


Star meditation 



Focus on a real star growing at your center


 Not something imaginary, something real. Feeling of energy.

A feeling of power of star is very strong. It’s full of vibratory frequency. It’s one of the highest points of vibratory frequency you’ll ever find in this universe.

Star is conscious being just like anything. It has a very high consciousness a very bright point of highly vibrating quarks all in a collective. All in unison working together in harmony. Creating massive amounts of radiation.

Visualize child that you used to be, which will help create intention of healing. Intention in this universe is like your binary code, zeros and ones. Everything in this universe speaks on that level.

Everything communicates and so too can you speak to yourself on that level and give your body a directive, give your quarks directive.

All of that energy you have inside you need to tell it what to do just like a computer on its mother board tells electricity where to go and what to interact. You need to tell your body. You need to tell energy in your body what to do. In intention or it’s not going to do what you want.

So we heal by bringing ourselves back to the state of the child? That’s how we heal? 

Yes, and that is your prime state. That was your most perfect state in existence in here. So bring yourself back to that.




How is extraterrestrial, do they have similar capacity or they have stronger capacities in form of harnessing these form of energies?  (QiGong Master demonstrating Chi - youtube video)


Regardless of what we come from, we all have equal capacity to do this. All of you can do this. Equally! Does not matter who you are, what you are made of. So what I teach people to do is to focus on a star growing at their center near their heart chakra, which is slightly different.

And the reason I do this is because it empowers your heart, empowers your chakra system from core and allows you to increase the vibratory frequencies of all of the quarks within your body as you meditate.

Allowing of mitochondria within your cells to recharge to proper levels, thus allowing the cells to replicate properly, produce and metabolize minerals, vitamins, proteins, another elements of body as well at youthful levels.

So this balances the body allowing you to heal much, much quicker internally, allowing organs to regenerate properly and restoring vitality and youth. You can actually reverse age itself with this process.

What this QiGong master was demonstrating is the use of this very same energy to manipulate external forces, external objects, such as creating fire – pyro kinesis. And I’ve seen that very same video in fact and he also uses it to send charges in to the muscles of the patients that he’s treating. So using this very same technique you can project energy externally. Yes, we can all do this. I can do this. It’s not difficult thing to do. It takes focus. It does take practice. You have to learn to charge up your chakras, in order to be able to project energy it takes focus. You have to know which lay lines in your body you want to channel it through. I can choose which side I want channel my energy versus another. I can channel through my hands, through my feet, through my crown it does not matter.

So the energy can be created from within and projected outwards. It can also be taken from outside of you. You draw it in from environment as you’re pulling it into yourself recharging up your chakras as well, not just from within. You’re using ether itself to be able to charge up your chakras. And this is another method of manipulating external forces. You can focus and create intention of let’s say manipulating the wind or manipulating storm. These things happen internally and they happen externally all at once.



Telepathy works two ways simultaneously. Doesn’t just work one way or other. So yes we can send and receive at same time. So there’s no interruption. The information reaches our minds and we store that away as we are sending. So that may seem like it is complicated, but where we come from that’s a very normal thing.  It’s always a two-way street. You can talk to people and they can talk to you just as you do over the telephone. Just as we are talking JP and myself. So can people through telepathy if they learn to do this right.

 So the way we talk with telepathy is not in words per say. It’s not something that can be verbalized easily. The way we speak on Lyra has nothing to do with speech. We convey ideas, we convey entire conversations in the form of intention.

What we’re going to do, what we’re going to eat. How we feel and other things related to these topics. We can do this all in a package of information at once. Memories even what we’ve seen.

In some cases, we can connect to each other’s eyes and see what each other is seeing. There are different ways of connection, different levels of telepathy not just communication.

So where I come from that’s a very normal thing for all of us. We have a level of trust. We do have boundaries – yes, but there’s not necessarily need for boundaries, when we all trust each other. There’s no deceit where we come from. There are no lies. There’s no separation, because of the fear of one lie. We don’t have that where we come from. Honesty is normal thing. We have nothing to hide.

< 2016-08-29 JWJP guests Adrieiuous, Joanna The Medium >

You share a memory with everyone, all their memories are shared with you. Everyone is collective conscious and they memories are you they interacted with, shared with you too. You all are connected as one. In your own Lyra or Era or any of those planets. And it’s not just limited to the planet. Everyone in that system is connected. Which means if you share one bad thought, they all hear it.

If you try to be dishonest they will end up being dishonest immediately. If you have insecurity they will all hear it. 

A simple piece of information, because there’s no limitation to communication there gets spread immensely far and as result of that. If we were to let’s say bring someone with a very bad set of intentions and a bad experience in their life and they had anger resentment in their heart ‘s and massive ego upon it. They will spread like a virus to all of our people. And there’s a reason why we don’t take too many without teaching them first. Which is why it’s better to teach them here, before we take them there. Because they need to learn to control their thoughts, they need learn to control their memories. They need to learn to control their behavior, their intentions because those things will hurt a whole lot of people, entire population.

As I was saying one simple thought. If it’s a bad thought. Everyone will think that bad thought there. It gets replicated many, many, many times. Transmitted from one to the next to the next. Just like two computers connected through Wi-Fi without a router in between. Direct connection, at heart connection. It gets exponentially from one to the next to the next to the next.

All our people are so connected. We are not only strong, but we are also very fragile. Mentally fragile and vibratory fragile. We don’t allow negative beings to our system for that reason.

And this is also why we stay away from war. Not just because of nature war, but because it also causes everyone to feel fear and panic all at once without a single spoken word having been said. It causes unbalance in the equilibrium of all of the people and in that system. So we stay away from negativity

Planētas Plejādijas zvaigznājā


On my homeland we have a light greenish hue of an atmosphere and that’s due to certain plant life that actually lives in the air, that we put there. The chlorophyll in the cells that float in the air actually cause the atmosphere to look a very gentle green. Our planet is more silicate based. We have a lot of silica. In the daylight the beaches with silica sand in them actually glisten in silver. Our lands are very similar. It’s warm. There are some times when we have an aurora. Sky will look greens, purples and blues. But that happens rarely as Lyra actually sits further out from star - Atlas, than let’s say Earth to the Sun. Rarely do we receive the solar flare. During a half of the year we have a five-star formation, because Atlas aligns with four of the stars which are in the system, when you’re looking in from the direction of Atlas, our star aligns with Alcyone, Electra, Maia, Taygeta and then Merope further south. So it makes it look beautiful when the stars are rising. One side of planet will be incredibly bright while the other side remains in darkness. During the other half of the year we have a four-star formation on one side that rises and sets. And as it rises Atlas sets on the other side.

So the planet is completely surrounded by light during half of the year.

So it’s a very warm planet. It’s not incredibly warm, it’s not hot. Like it gets in here. We don’t rise up into let’s say the hundreds of the degrees in temperature. We don’t have deserts there. It’s very moist on it. Its lush with green foliage. It’s lush with life as we brought much life there. The planet itself initially, when we first found it was almost uninhabitable. We had to terraform the atmosphere in order to make it breathable and it took at least close to a hundred earth years I estimate for us, to make the atmosphere livable. The temperature there ranges anywhere from, you know coldest during the winter times, you know anywhere from plus 10 degrees Celsius to plus 30 degrees. Coldest during the night times there during the summer times, when we have both suns on either side of the planet the coldest that we get 24 degrees or less, slightly less. So the climate is very livable. Temperatures are not so hot. We built our buildings very sparsely close together and that is because it helps with the air flow. Helps to not create what you call here a microclimate. You don’t like to create a spot of incredibly high temperatures due to let’s say concrete or asphalt we don’t use that there. So Lyra is very temperate planet with a nice very gentle green atmosphere.

What kind of animals they have there or have you taken species of our animals and brought them back?

Well contrary to that we’ve brought some to this planet.

We used to have a colony here a long time ago.

We have a lot of aquatic life there, but at the time there was no land life on the planet, when we found it. The aquatic life consisted of what you call crew stations similar to octopuses and squids. We found a lot of those in the oceans. And there’s some other marine life that exists there. Some smaller fish, very small in the size of tadpoles, there’s really nothing large that existed there as the planet was so young when we found it. There was very little life, but we brought in some animal life. We adopted some life from this planet like sheep and cows. We’ve taken some life to actually create a population on the planet, but we don’t have insects, at least we don’t have insects that harm you per say we do have bees that we took that help pollinate. But the planet we really had to introduce life to the planet in order for it to be sustainable to create an ecosystem. So we brought in a lot of plant life from our old Lyra and Lemuria

a myriad plant life that multiples by spreading cells into the air that land to the ground and then multiplied and created another plant. These plants are more closely related to what you would call a succulent. They very full of moisture. We’ve had many very different variations of succulents that grew on old Lyra and Lemuria, that we brought over to new Lyra as well as Erra and Orca and Romulus, the other four planets.

We also introduced some to the moon of Erra, which is about, it’s close to the size of the moon Titan. It also has an atmosphere that we made livable. We populated that moon that orbits Erra, which causes wobble in its orbit because of the mass of that moon. Orca is more of a water planet you find things there such as whales and dolphins. Then we brought some of those to this planet long ago. They’re very closely related to what you call mammals. They have many physiological differences with a lot of similarities. There are lots of different types of mammal life that we introduced to Earth a long time ago.

Our mammal life consisted of things that are very closely related to marmot’s


and those animals evolved here over many millions of years.

Those animals originated on old Lyra.

So speaking about animal life we have many variations, birds we do not have. We don’t have any forms of reptile life. We don’t have lizards, we don’t have snakes, we don’t have dinosaurs, we don’t have any form of reptilian life that exists on our planets at all. So those were strictly introduced to this planet by your reptilian species that populates this planet on inside as well some on the outside in different forms, hybrids, Anunnaki (tall whites, nordics).

What children love doing where you’re from?

We have some sports that we enjoy. On our planet the gravity is a little less than it is here. And our bones have evolved. We stand very tall there, because our bones are little more porous. That is due to the lesser gravity. Let’s say you want to measure by gravity of the moon and the Earth. Moon is 1/6 of Earth. Yes? So if we use that same scale where Earth’s gravity measures 6. Lyra because it has more silicon, ironically you would think it would have more gravity, but it does not. It’s about half the gravity of Earth. We’re able to levitate much easier there. We can actually rise into the air. Use our hands on our feet as well as our upper hands to interact with objects at the same time.

How tall are you on Lyra?

I’ve been away from it for some time so I’m not as tall I used to be. I’m about 210 cm stature, I had 222 cm posture. Having gone through planets that had higher gravity that affected my bones a lot. My bones become more dense and I shrunk in stature. So that’s what happens, when you go from a lesser gravity planet to a higher gravity planet like this one.

Just from another perspective

I’d like to ask you a question if you don’t mind. Do extraterrestrial species have souls?


Yes, all of them are light beings. Some have different agenda than others.

Some are engineered with different predispositions. Engineered to be more angry than others more violent, more brute. Others who are more gentle and kind and loving.

You know we have many different groups, many different races. More than even we can begin to count throughout this universe.

That are all over the spectrum, but we’re here, we are here simply to try to help these people to not only heal, but to give them the keys. Show them the door that has green pastures on the other side. And tell them if they use this key to unlock that door and walk through it they will find peace and prosperity and eternal life. These people can ascend out of this prison. This is their vehicle; their bodies are their vehicle. What we’re teaching is how to use it. It is your driver’s manual for your vehicle and these people have been missing that driver’s manual all their lives and all of their cycles.


When you hurt the Earth, you hurt yourself.


So every single thing is connected

There’s a balance and when the balance is not tipped in the right direction. It’s why we come try to reestablish it, to help you reestablish it.  

Because we’re not going to do it all for you. But we will help teach you. So that’s why we’re here


Raksta 2. daļa (lv)



No limits

No barriers




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