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Adrieiuous no planetas Lira

Raksts vel top,  Paldies par sapratni :D



Adrieiuous nak no saules sistemas ar  vairakam saulem. Atrodas plejadijas zvaigznaja. Apdzivo plejadiesi, arkturiesi un andromedas civilizaciju parstavji. Kopa aptuveni 27 milijardi iedzivotaju vienadi izlidzinati pa 4 planetam un 1 pundurplanetu, izmera zina lidziga Saturna Titanam.



Lira (Jauna Lira) tiek saukta par gaismas planetu. Ta 24 menesus tiek ieskauta gaisma. Gadu veido aptuveni 48 Zemes menesi. Lira ir jauna planeta, izmera lielaka par Zemi, bet ar vajaku gravitaciju. Saules UV radiacija salidzinot ar Zemi ir mazaka. Atmosferai ir maigi zala nokrasa. Tas ta izveidojas pielagojot apdzivojamu atmosferu. Taja ir augi, kas ieelpojot satur uzturvielas.  Pastaigajoties pa pludmali smiltis ir siltakas, to sastava ir vairak silikona, un mikstakas. Patikami apgulties tajas  :D Viniem esot tadas zalas lapas lidzigas kapostiem, suligas un garsigas. Partika tiek kopeta, ara gala, ja kads velas -  neaizskarot, nenodarot pari dabai, dzivniekiem. 



Youtube  intervijas ar Adrieiuous



2016-09-25 Adrieiuous from Another Perspective



Telepathy works two ways simultaneously. Doesn’t just work one way or other. So yes we can send and receive at same time. So there’s no interruption. The information reaches our minds and we store that away as we are sending. So that may seem like it is complicated, but where we come from that’s a very normal thing.  It’s always a two-way street. You can talk to people and they can talk to you just as you do over the telephone. Just as we are talking JP and myself. So can people through telepathy if they learn to do this right. So the way we talk with telepathy is not in words per say. It’s not something that can be verbalized easily. The way we speak on Lyra has nothing to do with speech. We convey ideas, we convey entire conversations in the form of intention. What we’re going to do, what we’re going to eat. How we feel and other things related to these topics. We can do this all in a package of information at once. Memories even what we’ve seen. In some cases, we can connect to each other’s eyes and see what each other is seeing. There are different ways of connection, different levels of telepathy not just communication. So where I come from that’s a very normal thing for all of us. We have a level of trust. We do have boundaries – yes, but there’s not necessarily need for boundaries, when we all trust each other. There’s no deceit where we come from. There are no lies. There’s no separation, because of the fear of one lie. We don’t have that where we come from. Honesty is normal thing. We have nothing to hide.


2016-08-29 JWJP guests Adrieiuous, Joanna The Medium

You share a memory with everyone, all their memories are shared with you. Everyone is collective conscious and they memories are you they interacted with, shared with you too. You all are connected as one. In your own Lyra or Era or any of those planets. And it’s not just limited to the planet. Everyone in that system is connected. Which means if you share one bad thought, they all hear it. If you try to be dishonest they will end up being dishonest immediately. If you have insecurity they will all hear it.  A simple piece of information, because there’s no limitation to communication there gets spread immensely far and as result of that. If we were to let’s say bring someone with a very bad set of intentions and a bad experience in their life and they had anger resentment in their heart ‘s and massive ego upon it. They will spread like a virus to all of our people. And there’s a reason why we don’t take too many without teaching them first. Which is why it’s better to teach them here, before we take them there. Because they need to learn to control their thoughts, they need learn to control their memories. They need to learn to control their behavior, their intentions because those things will hurt a whole lot of people, entire population.

As I was saying one simple thought. If it’s a bad thought. Everyone will think that bad thought there. It gets replicated many, many, many times. Transmitted from one to the next to the next. Just like two computers connected through Wi-Fi without a router in between. Direct connection, at heart connection. It gets exponentially from one to the next to the next to the next.

All our people are so connected. We are not only strong, but we are also very fragile. Mentally fragile and vibratory fragile. We don’t allow negative beings to our system for that reason. And this is also why we stay away from war. Not just because of nature war, but because it also causes everyone to feel fear and panic all at once without a single spoken word having been said. It causes unbalance in the equilibrium of all of the people and in that system. So we stay away from negativity



Command PB stardust



Star Meditation


Focus on a real star growing at your center, not something imaginary, something real. Feeling of energy. A feeling of power of star is very strong. It’s full of vibratory frequency. It’s one of the highest points of vibratory frequency you’ll ever find in this universe. Star is conscious being just like anything. It has a very high consciousness a very bright point of highly vibrating quarks all in a collective. All in unison working together in harmony. Creating massive amounts of radiation. 

Visualize child that you used to be, which will help create intention of healing. Intention in this universe is like your binary code, zeros and ones. Everything in this universe speaks on that level. Everything communicates and so too can you speak to yourself on that level and give your body a directive, give your quarks directive. All of that energy you have inside you need to tell it what to do just like a computer on its mother board tells electricity where to go and what to interact. You need to tell your body. You need to tell energy in your body what to do. In intention or it’s not going to do what you want.

So we heal by bringing ourselves back to the state of the child? That’s how we heal?


Yes, and that is your prime state. That was your most perfect state in existence in here. So bring yourself back to that.



GoldFish Report No. 63, ExoPolitics RoundTable 4 "EVERYTHING IS ENERGY- PART 1"


How is extraterrestrial, do they have similar capacity or they have stronger capacities in form of harnessing these form of energies?  (QiGong Master demonstrating Chi - youtube video)


Regardless of what we come from, we all have equal capacity to do this. All of you can do this. Equally! Does not matter who you are, what you are made of. So what I teach people to do is to focus on a star growing at their center near their heart chakra, which is slightly different. And the reason I do this is because it empowers your heart, empowers your chakra system from core and allows you to increase the vibratory frequencies of all of the quarks within your body as you meditate. Allowing of mitochondria within your cells to recharge to proper levels, thus allowing the cells to replicate properly, produce and metabolize minerals, vitamins, proteins, another elements of body as well at youthful levels. So this balances the body allowing you to heal much, much quicker internally, allowing organs to regenerate properly and restoring vitality and youth. You can actually reverse age itself with this process.

What this QiGong master was demonstrating is the use of this very same energy to manipulate external forces, external objects, such as creating fire – pyro kinesis. And I’ve seen that very same video in fact and he also uses it to send charges in to the muscles of the patients that he’s treating. So using this very same technique you can project energy externally. Yes, we can all do this. I can do this. It’s not difficult thing to do. It takes focus. It does take practice. You have to learn to charge up your chakras, in order to be able to project energy it takes focus. You have to know which lay lines in your body you want to channel it through. I can choose which side I want channel my energy versus another. I can channel through my hands, through my feet, through my crown it does not matter.


So the energy can be created from within and projected outwards. It can also be taken from outside of you. You draw it in from environment as you’re pulling it into yourself recharging up your chakras as well, not just from within. You’re using ether itself to be able to charge up your chakras. And this is another method of manipulating external forces. You can focus and create intention of let’s say manipulating the wind or manipulating storm. These things happen internally and they happen externally all at once. 


Ariyuanhas un Adrieiuous

Ariyuanhas ir Adrieiuous mamma. Bildes vinai apgriezti mati militaraja baze. Ielidojot Zemes atmosfera kugis tika notriekts. Tas notika 1972. gada. Pec 2 gadiem vini tika atbrivoti. Ariyuanhas saja laika partika tikai no udens. Vina bija loti novargusi,  Ariyuanhas saubijas vai spes noklut majas, Adrieiuous palika uz Zemes (kugis ir pielagots ta vaditajam). Majupcels izvertas veiksmigs. 

Gimenes locekli ir vienoti vairaku dzivju pieredzes. Atmina par ieprieksejam dzivem saglabajas. Semjase ir tuva Adrieiuous radiniece. 

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