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Enrico school

Deep meditation for gathering cosmic energy
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Video nr. : 87

This meditation is ment for deep meditation, then this meditation can help you to attein cosmic energy.

Follow inner breath, follow inner peace, and then allow to harrnest the cosmical energy.


If the video helps i will be happy for donation ! Cheers :)

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1   1    Date : 2018-11-18 12:30:57

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i paid you a donation and now it doesnt show as me having any videos to watch? the first week it said ok under 2 videos? i am afraid to donate more and have the videos not be there.. In english the website is a little confusing. i think i should go to enrico school and not the forum but the forum brings up enrico school? the profile says i havent paid anything?? can you explain this? thank you

Date : 19/02/16 06:32