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Quotes about God

 > Quotes about God

God does not come from the history of religion, the books , and he is now deep within you where you have no idea, but only light and happiness !

 > Quotes about God

God does not require you to faith , donations, or the ministry God has mīloš intellectual and powerful and also you must be

 > Quotes about God

To thank God for your happiness and joy pasakies other people about it is beautiful to them , share the joy and happiness even by yourself !

 > Quotes about God

of the sea every wave, so God is in all. God is anything, anyone and everyone

 > Quotes about God

God loves the poor mad.

 > Quotes about God

sees God in all.

 > Quotes about God

The higher the mountains, the closer to God.

 > Quotes about God

Small children and old people are closer to God.

 > Quotes about God

God is within you and vissapkārt, not only in church