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Quotes about Thinking

 > Quotes about Thinking

You're a what you think.

 > Quotes about Thinking

Be indifferent to the past just like a dream , because the two are one and the same.

 > Quotes about Thinking

No claim for things , events, ideas , allowing her to be what they are and enjoy it

 > Quotes about Thinking

Often thought tiring more than the work itself .

 > Quotes about Thinking

Allow the thoughts to come true !

 > Quotes about Thinking

The less you need , the more freedom .

 > Quotes about Thinking

If you've already thought of something, then it is too late to avoid it. Thoughts are like men who later takes over your reality.

 > Quotes about Thinking

think or thought that enters your head is really your idea.

 > Quotes about Thinking

Woman because of her child may not even patcelt 1000 kg stones, and much more.

 > Quotes about Thinking

90% of our thoughts are not our own creation.

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