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 > Quotes about Consciousness

You are the awareness of changes and changes happen in awareness.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

The mind is like the sea when it is unhappy it brings misery and destruction , but when it is , it gives a serene beauty, peace, and reflect the sun and the beautiful twilight and early morning. Be the happiness and harmony , and gives even the smallest drop of happiness itself crazier sea , mind . .

 > Quotes about Higher Understanding

The present moment is the only life , zoom in on the present and feel true to life fortune!

 > The power of a thought

Thoughts will always find a way to fulfill your desire and thoughts and found a way to materealizēt your world!

 > Quotes about God

God does not come from the history of religion, the books , and he is now deep within you where you have no idea, but only light and happiness !

 > The power of a thought

In higher goals imagine you be able to reach the higher you be able to !

 > Quotes about Thinking

You're a what you think.

 > Relationships quotes

Mostly the relationship breaks down because one starts to wonder if the two are able to be pure of mind relationship is endless.

 > Quotes about Thinking

Be indifferent to the past just like a dream , because the two are one and the same.

 > Quotes about Problems

Recurrence of the problem , then you have to finally start learning from life with new eyes