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i paid for video 65 but when i go back to

i paid for video 65 but when i go back to finish it both videos i paid for are red and dont work?? also it is confusing in english. if i am going through the channeling class i believe i should click enirico school and the lessons should be there to click easily? what does enrico debt mean in english? why is it there ? could you have a link under enrico school that just says channeling classes. each could have a number and when they are paid for they show paid for whenever we come back to your website. Thank you. i enjoy your work and realize english is not your first language. i underrstand your videos but the website is a little confusing

Datums : 19/02/18 10:55    

I think it is solved now
Datums : 19/02/19 05:27

Hi i sent you a message. Cheers! I will check whats the problem.
Datums : 19/02/19 09:45