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The important message from the Pleiadian brothers and sisters
This is a Channeled message from the Pleadias, the most important message you have to listen the video till the end. BUT the most important message is that, you, We humans are not alone in t ... Read more
12   1    906    Date : 2016-07-03 19:20:14


Anciet Civilisations, Portal systems, inner earth civilization and earth history
This is a look back to a channeling about portal systems, acient portals, acient beings that lived here. Enjoy! ... Read more
2   1    640    Date : 2016-08-17 19:59:35


Parallel realities, worlds and OBD
This is the past most exciting experience that i had about parallel realities worlds and astral travel, enjoy!! :)) ... Read more
1   2    335    Date : 2016-02-23 20:34:53

Breaze,   Lucid  

Secret Scientist Channeled info about parallel realities
Here is a look back to a Channeling done by Matt about Secret scientist who worked in a field of parallel reality travel, and the info about that.Many people ask that they want to learn chan ... Read more
0   1    159    Date : 2018-11-17 14:09:31


Third eye chakra
Enjoy the story and my experience with the 3rd eye and some lucid dreaming. ... Read more
1   1    462    Date : 2015-10-12 06:19:36


Enrico CHanneling : What happens in channeling and depresion, bad situations, and sad situations
THis is translation how and what happens in channeling, little more about depresion and comming over depresion or sad feelings. ... Read more
0   1    300    Date : 2016-11-09 17:04:04


Third eye experiences
Sharing third eye experiences and how i see them :) Enjoy! ... Read more
0   1    130    Date : 2017-07-19 07:34:19


Pure Beings, and Pure humans
This video is about pure beings, or gentle beings, and pure humans. Watch for more info ! Enjoy! ... Read more
0   1    333    Date : 2017-04-19 15:54:01


First Et contact my point of view
My point of view about first et contact. My ideas about it and what information we have channeled about that. ... Read more
0   1    335    Date : 2015-11-30 08:21:25


Voices in the head and personal experiences
Here is the topic that maybe many experience of sounds and voices in the head, and more about how i see it works and waht causes it... Like an enchanced third eye experience allows to pick u ... Read more
1   1    170    Date : 2017-06-15 07:32:11


Purpus of a Channeling messenger
The purpose of the channler, or how channeling is used in many other civilisations! :)Enjoy! ... Read more
0   3    822    Date : 2017-01-12 11:04:19

Breaze,   Breaze,   Lucid  

Awekening symthoms
This video is about awekening and awekening sympthoms Enjoy! :)) ... Read more
1   2    297    Date : 2016-05-09 07:46:29

Breaze,   Lucid  

Awekening and dimensional change
Enjoy the awekening and dimensional changes! ... Read more
1   3    718    Date : 2015-09-19 09:17:24

Breaze,   Michael Flake,   Inese Vilc (Mikhauzens)  

What is god?
Enrico Channeling answering a one question from audiance, what is god? ... Read more
1   4    665    Date : 2016-03-08 19:22:11

Breaze,   Michael Flake,   Inga,   Solveiga   ... (4)

INteresting channeling experience, DO YOU WANT TO CHANNEL NOW?
This was by far the most interesting experience, entity asked to a person, DO YOU WANT TO CHANNEL NOW.? ... Read more
0   3    804    Date : 0000-00-00 00:00:00

Breaze,   Ieva Laimīgā,   Inta T  

This is a pearl :)
Author : Modestas     Miscellaneous
0    1    147       Date : 2018-11-29 10:16:46


Deep meditation for gathering cosmic energy
Deep meditation for gathering cosmic energy
This meditation is ment for deep meditation, then this meditation can help you to attein cosmic energy.Follow inner breath, follow inner peace, and then allow to harrnest the cosmical energy. C ... Read more
Learning video
1   825   Date : 2018-11-18 10:30:57

Olesja Volokotkina  

If videos from Enrico School wount work.
If videos on Enrico School woun't play what to do?On Each device basicly there are different configurations. There fore there are cases where videos have to be prepare for each device, such as resolution ... Read more
1   1    1500    Date : 2018-11-08 15:25:24

Jules Raj  

The Cosmic Egg story for deep thinkers
Author : Kārlis     After-Death Communication Experiences
1    1    643       Date : 2018-07-10 09:51:08

Beatrise Reice  

Channeling info and Corey goode and mismatch
Here in this video as always about many topics icnluding Corey Goode and channeling info.. ... Read more
0   1    350    Date : 2018-03-26 09:25:57


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