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why is it taking us so long to ascend? What is holding us back?
There is nothing holding you back exept your own wish and your own experiences and choices.Where would you want to go when you ascende?What would you want to do?Look closer within are these questions leading to experiences that you truly know and want, or maybe searching for answerse is more known and more closer experience for you?... Read more
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Is the dream world a training ground for physical reality? Or other way around?
It is bouth and it is how you accept it to be.We would say it is a reality in which you experience reality.But this question relays in deeper levels of understanding, you can make your question more precise.It doenst matter what is the reality, because while you exploring and getting answers to this questions your answerse are still remaining in the reality.To get more and more answeres about it all, you have to look within more deeper.... Read more
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How can I practice telekinesis?
Telekinesis - The word doesn't interpret in to how we understand it.Telekensis means by the body interpretation that it is thoughts that affect matter. In a sense thought can move objects and thought can bend it or so.From our perspecitve it is different, its not the thoughts that effect anything, its the feelings and the energy within that affects everything. To do this you have to practice telepatical connection, and increase your enery movemen... Read more
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What do you think about extreme sports the people of earth do?
Well it is fun and exciting.But i refuse to do this kind of excitement.We would say it is a way of exploring rougher experiences for fisical purpuses.... Read more
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Were people ascending in ancient times and have they ascended in recent times?
There is no reason for someone to ascend. Yes in eliere times there were beings that crossed and still cross around many dimensions. Earth in a sense was a place where many went here and back from time to time. Now ascending happens but there is no reason for it to happen. There are more that want to explore this reality other than just to leave it. You can say that souls are waiting in line to explore this reality.... Read more
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Are there many ascended masters from the earth?
You are looking in a tight perspective, meaning that there are only few.YOU ALL ARE MASTERS!!!YOU ALL ARE Your MASTERS!!!There is no other master than you!You just look and explore other frequencies, experiences and that is why you are where you are now.... Read more
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What is human ascension from your perspective?
Ascension from our perspective is turinning into light. That happens when you can say a humans soul and his being gets higher and higher understanding of all creation. There fore he gets energized and he links in with higher dimensions, because there is nothing that holds him back anymore. He is the all.Now being enlightened doesnt mean that he instantly goes away, there is still a free will for us all!... Read more
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What are you doing right now?
 Are you in a room with other entities and they are watching this all happen? Are you sitting down with a group of entity friends? ---We dont have terms of a room, right now im watchin this through you can say a dimension portal. And just gazing at energies that comes through. The concepts are different from your perspectives because you live in a much more different world. So it is not that easy to describe. Again this is a communication, n... Read more
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How can i learn how to astral project while fully conscious?
The question remains, what do you want to experience in astral projections.Then there is a answer. But by doing astral travels your body remains totaly useless because you are not there any more. So if you are saying doing astral travel conscious is not possible.The question closer would be, how can i receive other realities while being concious?You need to open up more and more to inner self and meditation and combine astral travel with inner fe... Read more
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Is there a way I can meet you when I astral project?
Yes by going astral you can travel to many different dimensions and realities and worlds by own choice.You can also meet everybody by own choice.... Read more
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What is the electric sound running through my body when I astral project?
What is the electric sound running through my body when I astral project? When I increase the pitch of the sound and the vibration I end up popping out of my body.   Hiiii.... The sound of your body, you could say it better when saying i feel sound when im about to leave my body. The sound is because of energy acceleration.We would say it is not that you hear, its just that you are within this sound.You can say also, if there is atoms and p... Read more
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The question of the switch from living life
Question ==== Hello , hair! . There are not many people who are willing to share their experiences and help people to learn about themselves and the world much closer , so a big thank you . Watching a video of thy heart area started to feel extreme heat and took it as an invitation to listen carefully , also did . I have some questions , I 'll make an effort to write a short ( albeit rarely ) to hinder your time . Meditate about the last 5 months... Read more
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Switching between dreams
Question ========== Fuck off. That moment when you dream of norausties . . . . Just now it was 2 times . Indescribable , skating along and suddenly diiki ieluztu torque- ta mop and Movable D almost heart attack nature . Now mind remember the moment between sleep and the moment when found myself , I looked like that of skates down the tunnel end can not be seen . But it was so IISS point that vrbt me it just seemed : D I was so glad that I woke... Read more
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about dreams
reverie. Theme briefly of the many stories together in a single story and put together . The man asked, after I woke up 4iem . sudigi - could not fall asleep . all the time and in the wake / sleep and the sleep -wake and modeled Tish netīšdi kkādu dream - and literally seen - do not know if my eyes were open or closed , and now it's my ' dream keremenis ' back at me - at the beginning of Movable because I felt . and yet once again at what hou... Read more
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Question about meditation
Jautājums: Vai meditējot uzņem tikai pozitīvo enerģiju?Nav iespējama ļaunā 'ielaušanās'? Dažādās pamācībās minēts,ka meditējot drīkst ieņemt jebkuru pozu,citur teikts,ka obligati jāsakrusto roku pirksti un kājas? Kādēļ tādas pretrunas? Vai meditējot var uzdot(vēlēties ) konkrētu uzdevumu apziņai? Atbilde: Meditēt var jebkā un jebkur! Galvenais lai ir ērti, un nav domu novērsoši trokšņi vai notikumi. Ta... Read more
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