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Understanding Chi Energy
Last several days i had a group of people and we did chi energy practices. Basicly to understand Chi a little more you have to do practices, it is nice that many people talk about it or watch videos. But if you become sceptial and may say, ahh... i know energy excists but i dont beleive in this. Then you realy need practices, because when you understand the basic principles, or if you are lucky and have a teacher that can easily guide you then y... Read more
1    1    469 Date : 2017-04-25 12:29:44
strong revival
... Read more
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energy awakening symptoms
energy of awakening signs Energy Awakening is for everyone and that it gives everyone signs each person is an individual. Energy awakening symbolized by a snake called the "Kundalini ", the symbol is also found in many histories, as well as emergency medical symbol with a snake climbing a spine. "Kundalini " awakening of the human energy revival based on the chakras, opening each chakra the person matures to very high link with intelli... Read more
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