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The doctrine of immortality before inheritance
Last lesson before there was an immortal being,. To cosmic consciousness in deep meditation or being approached in the same part of the higher cosmic consciousness . This being aware of the human body looking for answers physical world , without being able to find them , it started to look for answers in meditation . Slow and deep breathing with your physical body being the body began to relax and become loose after a short time and did not feel ... Read more
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do no lesson to anyone over!
Pa dienu sanāca netīšām palaist suni virsū mazai pelītei, un suns ar lieliem zobiem to nokoda, un mazā pelīte kuras bailes es sajutu, un arī sajutu kā viņas gars aiziet prom no šīs zemes, man pat asara nobira. Taču ejot gulēt sākās jauna simulācija. Kāds ar mani lido pa debesīm un lejā skatamies uz cilvēkiem kuri jūrā peldās, un haizivis pa vienam cilvēkam nokož kādu. Cilvēki vienkārši peldās, nemaz neredzēdami... Read more
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the lesson you are free, yet powerful!
just started energetic revival began in the first simulation. This was the situation with the people close to me that is what the evil that captured my family. And then I drove the car to a well-known man who brings me along the way, and I trust her. And then these evil wants me to get, and I know that this is their goal. In my obtaining my consciousness all over everything. The person whom I trusted ran through the city and along the roads ... Read more
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Cosmic consciousness
Many people strive for goals that are eager to achieve. But can it be achieved? Can However, people are unaware of the universe accuracy, and how accurate it is, people are thinking with your mind, trying to get the ideal target, such as a perfect relationship, a particular case, or wealth, or anything that everyone should be able to imagine with your mind. universe and this energy much more familiar with you, and the more it makes you rea... Read more
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