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Short Space
Short emptiness ! . It is seen that a lot , but again it has nothing to do . It is eaten much , but again hungry . Booth is everywhere , but I am home again . Can someone who has no desire to do something is something lost ? . But can a man who loves to eat every day is a man who does not live in hunger ? . But can a man who has tried to make things for people who do not feel poor ? Person who has much to be proud experienced with experiences a... Read more
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This What I never change
That which never changes. It's one that I have always been . This one I know who your name, and they know how to dress , know that tastes that do not taste , and knows a lot of events around who can give importance to good or bad , or it has not been worth it to go into , sometimes . Sometimes it seems bizarre that if something new shows or whatever you teach it everywhere around you start to notice the u0026 Scaron . This is one that never cha... Read more
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The lucky ones can do what they want because they make it what they want !
Do what you want ! This article will devote more technical issues. What do you want ? . the same phrase inversion ! . Doing this effectively means that we want to lift our vibration . For many, the name means nothing to vibration , and personally I also vibration is only when something vibrates ? . Not your computer , not your phone, there is a tree , not the sun . Everything is energy fluctuations in interpreting the divine light created by o... Read more
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We live in illusion
Mēs dzīvojam ilūzijā! Cilvēkam lielākā neziņa ir spēja kā viņa prāts viņu pašu paralizē no dzīves uztveres. Vairāk to varētu saukt par ilūziju. Ilūzija kas pārņem domas, pašu cilvēku un vēlāk arī visu viņa realitāti. Ilūzija domājot ka būs laimīga nākotne kura ir jānosargā, ilūzija ka ir bailes no kā jābaidās, ilūzija par bērniem kuriem nepieciešama izglītība lai iekļautos ilūzijas normās. Ilūzij... Read more
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Brain cage
There is no other world than that which dwells in your mind. There are no other limits than those who dwell in your mind. There are no other problems than those who dwell in your mind. There is no more illusion than those who dwell in your mind. Outside Your mind is not on what is known Thy will. Find a way out of illusions and imaginary problems, do not mind the work. Trust your heart more ... ... Read more
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telepathic dream
All the people, or many sought after goals and wants to improve. But the difference is that many sought and sought but did not reach, and many other hand, is far beyond anything in particular failing. was then illustrēta scale or something like that all of a sudden all the sight in front of a large-scale starting point for any one, and then each subsequent person's type is on, and the scale is moving like a rainbow and falls further or clos... Read more
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