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Video / Enrico : become more of who you are and find your true self, Channeled by Matt

In this video i was alone in the room and there fore it maybe took me like 20 min for Enrico to explain why should we do this video infront of nobody.

Enrico is a being from highes excitement world, where everything is excited, and so so interesting and funny. His true state of being is always as he says - THAT IS SO INTERESTING, and he shins pure yellow, golden and bright white light.

Yellow means energetical, fast, active, funny also
Golden means creative intelligent
White means love and caring.

Enricos world colors and aura more offten are yellow golden. When they want to thank us they send love and then they are in bright white color.

Everything there shins these colors.
More about my channeling you can find on my website.

Why i choose this topic, because these are the most commonly answered questions and to Enrico this is the most important thing in rising energies, and a reducing suffering and lower energies in you.

So the topic is becoming more of who you are Enrico channeled by Matt.

Thank you!

2   2    766 Date : 2015-07-23 13:15:43

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powerfull message, makes me laughing all the day.

Date : 15/07/25 10:37       

many times that happens!
Date : 15/07/27 10:07