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Video / The important message from the Pleiadian brothers and sisters

This is a Channeled message from the Pleadias, the most important message you have to listen the video till the end. BUT the most important message is that, you, We humans are not alone in the universe, There are Our human loving brothers and sisters from other galaxies, that are here to help and assist us in many ways possible.! They are here on a mission to change the earths informational energetical field. And the most important message is that, We humans are not alone! Our brothers and sisters are here with us!

12   1    983 Date : 2016-07-03 19:20:14

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Steve Speidel
The moon has many races that come to the moon they call the moon LUNAR OBSERVATORY and its a NO WAR ZONE!. They come and do experiments and DNA and observe Earth.The moon was brought into Earths orbit by MALDEK GIANTS the FALLEN ANGELS in the Bible who made Hybrid Human Giants called the NEPH.They used the moon as an ARK after their world was Destroyed by the DRACO'S = REPTILIANS beings 1 Billion years ago was another Super Size Earth in our Solar System that is now the two Asteroid Belts.They transported Giant Insects,Dinosaur's, Plants and other things to Earth and Mars.Most of the Ancient Megaliths and Giant structures on the moon are from them.The moon will leave orbit in about 2000 years and be transported to help other worlds.Earth is the only FREE CHOICE world right now in the Universe!. We huamns will only be incarnating another 1000 years from the start of 2012 after this no more incarnations on Earth only Hybrids for another 1000 years!. After this the moon will be moved.Thats what this means in the Bible Rev the First Death and the Second Death in Revelations what they are talking about you see everything in the bible is symbolic Metaphors and Codes the Bible was channeled also by the HEBREWS!. The hybrids are the 6th or 7th Root Race that BASHAR and EDGAR CAYCE talks about!.Oh I forgot there is another Alien Race on the moon that live there the GREYS underground but they are not Aliens they were once Human from another Parallel Earth who had a WAR and Mutated into what they are today from another dimension.They are dying off because of this WAR can,t reproduce anymore so they make hybrids and they time travel they had this war 47,000 years ago.Sometimes I wonder when they had this WW2 or WW3 or 60s Cuban Missile Crises but other Parallel Earth are kinda the same but just a little bit different than out Earth or timelines.Very Interesting.

Date : 19/07/31 03:14       

Steve Speidel
Angels are ENERGY!. KRYON Channel-er Lee Carroll tells were they come from and what they really are.

Date : 19/07/31 02:52       

Steve Speidel
The Pleiadians DNA runs at about 80% to 90% that's why you feel this love and power we humans only have about 30% to 35% of our DNA activated Jesus ,Buddha,Elijah Muhammad and others had about 80% and our SOULS are not 100% in our bodies we only have the same as our DNA but after 2012 we are being upgraded and by 2036/2038 we will have 40% to 45% of our SOUL inside of our bodies.If we had 100% our bodies would burn up with PURE LIGHT. That`s why we have what we call a higher-self out side of our bodies.Thats why when Jesus was on Earth why animals and people were drawn to him the energy and LOVE that radiated out ward!!!.

Date : 19/07/31 02:45       

Steve Speidel

NATURAL SPIRIT its I from Germany!. I talk to you sometime on youtube live.I am a UFO researcher and other topics I have been following you´a lot.I have 3 ch on YouTube and 3 on Facebook my new Facebook ch is Paranormal Universe Studio as Steve Admin with Raj and Ian both are my friends come join our ch,About this vid.

Hi Matt its ANDROMEDA!!!. You pronounce it like this An dro menda...The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224 and originally the Andromeda Nebula, is a spiral galaxy approximately 780 kiloparsecs from Earth, and the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way. The galaxy's name stems from the area of the Earth's sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda. Wikipedia
Distance to Earth: 2.537 million light years
Radius: 110,000 light years
Age: 10.01 billion years
Stars: 1 trillion
Distance: 2.54 ± 0.11 Mly; (778 ± 33 kpc)
Did you know: Triangulum and Andromeda are connected by streams of hydrogen gas and embedded stars. Cool ver interesting!!!.I hear a lot about the Pleiadians they seeded Earth 250,000 years ago and they gave us two of thier DNA strands to the human race and fused them together as one that's why we can,t find the missing link. and and

Date : 19/07/31 01:41       

Thank you so much for your English version! Amazing information. Warm appreciation.

Date : 16/08/31 09:37       

Steve Padilla
Matiss (Matt) I heard you have written a book can you give me details on how to purchase or locate it. I am very interested in your work. Thank you, I LOVE you always and forever!

Date : 16/07/10 07:22       

Steve Speidel
Matt please send me info Id love to read them.Do you have in English and if so can I listen to it by PDF file?. Instead of reading it!.Thanks Bro!.......
Date : 19/07/31 01:44

There are two books one is art of channeling or how to channel.. the other is sun world. Im working on a e store there i will publish them.. if you want a pdf.. you can ask me via message
Date : 16/07/14 02:48

Steve Padilla
Incredible message that resonated on many levels, I'm thrilled I discovered your channelings by pure luck! It is time to unite humanity in truth, love and light! NAMASTE

Date : 16/07/08 07:39       

Thanks :))
Date : 16/07/08 10:06

Tommy Hung
Thank you Matt for translating and delivering the message in English! Blessing!

Date : 16/07/04 08:35       

Thanks! :)
Date : 16/07/04 12:36