2.Level 5# lesson Crown chakra meditation

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  • Author : Matt & Enrico Channeling   
  • Published : 5 mon. ago

The introduction into this meditation: 

This is the 2.level 5# lesson Crow chakra meditation.

This meditation is ment so that you can feel how energy moves up and down in your body, how you can guide those energys, and also this is a practice of focus. When you open your channel or tunnel above your head, energies can accelerate in a huge amount, there fore you have to know and practice how to guide them to avoid any unplesant things.

When you learn how to guide more energy through you, then you are energeticly ready for the channel to open it self.
And your guides know when you are ready or not. Like we talked in the erlier videos.

This video is 32min long.
with introduction, and also with 25min of crown chakra meditation that you can practice affterwards.

Note. I think this is not a regular crown chakra meditation.
Cheers and enjoy!

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