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Quotes about Dreams

 > Quotes about Dreams

How real body is in a dream , as well as awake .

 > Quotes about Dreams

Who is the beginning of the end, but do you remember the beginning of your life? And dream home?

 > Quotes about Dreams

Dreams we remember as clear as yesterday, but why we see it as just a dream?

 > Quotes about Dreams

Life is like a dream when we wake up, we realize that we only dreamed

 > Quotes about Dreams

In life we ​​use a small part of consciousness, but consciousness in dreams 100%, so in my dreams all come true right away.

 > Quotes about Dreams

This world is a place that awakens us from our dreams.

 > Quotes about Dreams

Life is like a dream which is sometimes hard to remember

 > Quotes about Dreams

We live in a dream to get a take you much further.

 > Quotes about Dreams

dream lasts 10 times longer than the life time. Because the brain works 10 times faster.

 > Quotes about Dreams

In life as in a dream can be a part of anything.

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