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Miscellaneous quotes

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Even the smallest percentage of infinity is infinity .

 > Miscellaneous quotes

The deeper the darkness , the brighter the stars shine .

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Woman knows much more about life than a man could imagine.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Women know how to find the beauty of things that a man considered to be normal.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Women never lie, they just do not like to tell the truth!

 > Miscellaneous quotes

A good driver can drive a car, even when it is asleep.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Women Playing hide their wisdom fool.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Yesterday is history, tomorow is a mistery, today is a gift! that's why it is Called Present.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

women have mental capacity to see the lies, and feel the truth.

 > Miscellaneous quotes

Do you hear how trees grow?

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