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Quotes about The Mind and Body

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

Do not want to want , want me reluctant .

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

You're free as a bird and beautiful ! . .

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

When I was a fool, I ask advice of others, and nowhere on it was not because everything seemed difficult. When the pin wiser, I realized how actually everything is just no advice Querying. And other tips for asking me to complicate only the mind and thoughts because they do not know. Consciousness is a fearless, happy, loving, pure and know everything.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

What will it be. How will it be. Does not mind the idea of ​​how you would like to have to make Afterwards false. If the indifference to mind thoughts will go, the heart and body will begin to feel the universe plus at the moment you start to feel and to be elected in order to really fulfill their desire. The mind of thought, conscience knows, the universe is composed. The mind can not know how to achieve goals, but the consciousness knows.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

limit does not hide globe or maps, or in space, the hidden meaning of your own perception of the world as a whole.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

paralytic mind, there is a hope rather than belief.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

its existence recognizes when identifying his body, but what makes you think when you do not exist without the body?

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

The brain has two sides, one good the other bad, useful one, the other creates a problem.

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

People do not believe in what is not seen, but then why do they believe that the earth is round ball, if it is not ever seen it?

 > Quotes about The Mind and Body

Anger and envy will always take you to the dark side.

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