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Quotes about Life

 > Quotes about Life

We live to clean up and improve themselves in all areas.

 > Quotes about Life

Your life is you , and your body is the place through which you are watching yourself .

 > Quotes about Life

Beautiful Life is like a big pyramid , the right not to establish. Start with a wee stone , and each following shall be as perfect as possible .

 > Quotes about Life

In order to see clearly the flesh , look in the mirror to see clearly yourself , look in the soul .

 > Quotes about Life

Life is a cosmic consciousness of the game itself by itself. Cosmic consciousness flows through us and meet with itself. Modulating and shaping the reality of what we believe.

The true life of the man who wins the top position to understand and change themselves to organize their lives more beautiful and more pleasant by sharing their joy with everyone.

 > Quotes about Life

not read the book to delve into the tales, life is already as much a fairy tale that we own article.

 > Quotes about Life

There are people who live to eat, and people who eat to live.

 > Quotes about Life

treatment is a part of success.

 > Quotes about Life

you survive or live?

 > Quotes about Life

Life is a dream that dreams itself.

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