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Quotes about Reality

 > Quotes about Reality

Who controls the people's dreams and illusions control the human world .

 > Quotes about Reality

You see that what you think

 > Quotes about Reality

The idea is like a new reality , make it grow to believe it , and allowed to grow .

 > Quotes about Reality

If the Subject , Object and observations are the same , the concepts and theories , instead of describing the world , but transforms it .

 > Quotes about Reality

The more we iedziļināsimies reality as more real it will stay in, the more it will affect your life. Anyone can go into any other illusions, I enjoy its fruits. However, the higher understanding of art is to give up because of any desire to delve into the true source of love and life, which is the source of livelihood for every illūzījai.

 > Quotes about Reality

There are people who are immortal, and travel between dimensions and planets, which makes you think that you can not have one? He is also just a man.

 > Quotes about Reality

reality is divided into dimensions and each dimension has an infinite number of parallel worlds, or times, or events.

 > Quotes about Reality

All this life is only for you, so you finally woke up. And start a new dream WHERE you're the author.

 > Quotes about Reality

always be able to mix colors together, but they will never be blended back.

 > Quotes about Reality

The world does not exist by coincidence, they always have a reason and a cause.

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