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June 29/16 - UFOria Chronicles with James Borg /8568-8749/

Transcript: http://bit.ly/2ny39t1

Adrieiuous: We do have that ability and yes there are those of us, that have the technology to actually travel through time. And we acquired that ironically from Zeta's ships. They were able to do that. They attempted to land on our planets and we seized the vehicles, so we could reverse engineer that technology. Then we did acquire the ability to travel through time. Now let me explain something about time travel. There are multiple timelines. There are many different ways that things happen, but it's all the same set of variables, just different values. Each time period is marked by a frequency and a vibration. It's like the dial on a radio. On a radio you have stations like 100.0 and 101.0 and 102.0, but in-between that you have 101.1, 101.2, 101.3. You have those micro stations in between. The same thing applies to time travel. Everything has a frequency and vibration. It's a matter of tuning that dial to the right vibration and frequency, to match that specific time. So even as we speak in this particular timeline, all time that has existed in this timeline. All exists at the same time. It's an illusion. that time is linear. Everything exists all at the same time, what really is changing, is the frequency and the vibration. And that creates the illusion of time here. So as the result of that you don't see yesterday, when it becomes today.. When you go to sleep you wake up you're in a slightly different vibration and frequency.  It changes so gradually on such a subtle level you don't quite notice it. But over time given: 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, maybe more you will notice a massive change in frequency and vibration and the time, if you are sensitive enough to detect that. But in order to go back into time, let's say you want to go back to May 12 of 1972. You will have to match your instruments to that frequency and match the frequency of the vehicle you are in, to that frequency. To change the time, that you are in. To change the frequency. As a result it changes your frequency, your body's frequency and your light being's frequency - your soul, to that frequency and carries you to that time. Does that make sense?


2016 08 17 MSS Adrieiuous Time /5767-6081/

Transcript: http://bit.ly/2MH2yjH

Adrieiuous: Time travel.

JP: Yeah because the Pleadian.

Adrieiuous: Time travel. All time exists all at once. Everything in time, even let's say 1972, all exists at the same time. The reason for that is, because time is merely an illusion. Everything is divided into frequencies like that of a radio. Like let's say you have station 100, 101, 102, 103. In-between those stations you have 101.1, 101.2, 101.3 and so on, and so for. Every moment in time is divided by a frequency, because as time progresses frequency progresses. If you were to physically change your frequency, your physical frequency and the frequency of your light being to match that of a specific time. You would find that you would appear in that time. Because that frequencies still exist. So although you are now in a higher frequency, because time has been progressing in micro increments. It still exists. If you wanted to go back to 1960, that time still exists or 1963, that time still exists. Just just before JFK was assassinated. All of those times still exist. They had not gone anywhere. This is why time travel is possible. Because everything exists at once. Even timelines in different dimensions, all exist at the same time.  So the human perception of time ticking away, years going by, is an illusion. Everything is made of photo radionic energy. At the essence of a quark, which is what you have within a nucleus of an atom. You have within those quarks, what we call photonic waves. And those photonic waves are comprised of two things. You have frequency and vibration. When either one of those get excited, or both, you end up with what you call a photon. Because as all quarks within an atom are highly excited, they blow out of the nucleus. And they fly at what you call light speed. Creating the illusion of light.  Your eyes are programmed, your cones and rods are programmed to detect different vibrational frequencies from quarks. As they hit the cones and rods. This creates the illusion of color. Density is just a matter of higher or lower frequencies. And as well as higher or lower vibratory states of matter. So everything around you is made of the same thing. Everything is connected. Even time, as people call it, is connected. Everything exists at once. You're not creating more quarks or less quarks. Quarks are not destroyed they are recycled at all time. So all matter even if it disappears in front of you still exists. The frequency and vibrational levels of each dimension, each layer of time, each layer of frequency on the radio dial all exists at once. Our  vehicles, we tune them to be able to change the vibratory state of the entire vehicle and everyone within it to match different times. This is how we travel through time. Now traveling distance is just a matter of increasing your speed. We have speed of thought, that we utilize, which is far greater than the speed of light. Our vehicles, when we reach the speed of light, we use our thoughts to resonate with the Odeisha crystals at the core of our vehicle to create a higher resonance in our vehicle. Which will increase the momentum tempo. We ride at about three point sixteen billion miles per second. That is the speed of thought. This is how we can travel from, let's say Lyra to Earth, within about 7 hours and 24 to 7 hours and 25 minutes.Time is an illusion. Distance is an illusion. And so is everything that you perceive around you.



2016 08 17 MSS Adrieiuous Time Stamp 1_06_38_6531-6611

Transcript: http://bit.ly/2vYxS6g

Max: : Does that mean that if we lower our frequencies we will go back in time?

Adrieiuous: : That has to be done at the level of your quarks and that is usually done with technology. It's not easy to do that with your vessel itself, with your body. But you can do that with the help of certain technologies.To travel through different frequencies.. But maintaining your frequency at the level of the time of which you travel is difficult. Unless you remain within your vehicle.  This is why you don't see many of us land, and exit our vehicles. We don't do that often, because it's very hard on us to be in lower frequencies. Especially those that are very far back in time like, let's say in your time scale, let's say you want to go back 4000 years. It's going to be very difficult for you to walk this earth 4000 years ago. Because your frequencies gonna want to to return to its original frequency, where it was before you traveled. So it's hard to stay within a certain time, unless you have devices to assist with that.



2016 10 20 IRT Viking Jess JP Adrieiuous /5807-6159/

Transcript: http://bit.ly/2MmeYRf

Viking: I started getting those strange ideas where, were traveling in space, not necessarily using a spaceship, but if you could actually mimic the vibration of the planet, that you want to go to in this vibratory resonance. That actually mimic the exact resonance and signature you can actually teleport there.

Adrieiuous: : Yes. So rather than having to travel, if you develop a technology to cause a jump to a specific frequency and position in space and time, yes you can actually just jump - teleport from one position to the next. It is possible.

Viking: Without the use portal.

Adrieiuous: Without the use of a portal.

Viking: Right. That's right. That's right. You're right.

Adrieiuous: The key with that is that you must know the frequency of that specific point in time and that point in space. You have to measure that frequency, measure a number of variables to get, to gather the data for that specific point. So that you can go back to it.

JP: And that's why you need a quantum computer. Is that right?

Adrieiuous: Now before you travel. Yeah. It helps in quantifying that you could probably get away doing it with a much lesser computer like these. The calculations would take a lot longer, but it would be possible.So as I was saying if you are going to travel anywhere you must take note of your current position. You must take note of the current frequency. All of the variables of this particular point in time. And your coordinates. That in the event that you end up somewhere you don't intend to be. You can go back.


Viking: Or go, go or go forward.

Adrieiuous: Or go forward, go back to the frequency of which you originated from. You must have a point of origin recorded before you travel!

Viking: For some reason I have memory of this is. Actually becoming that point in time. You become it and then you're there. It's just like a way Rodin travels for example. You know he probably, you know all these higher etheric beings travelling in this matter. Where they just become the essence of the place that they want to go. And then they just appear there almost instantaneously. And its just a theory.

Adrieiuous: So as I was saying you have to have a point of origin. You must record it as a safety precaution if you make a mistake in your calculations and end up somewhere you don't want to be. You need to be able to go forward or backwards depending on which direction you chose to go, to return home.

Viking: Got it.

Adrieiuous: That's the only way.

Jessica: I'm sorry. Is that with a spacecraft or just, just your light body?

Adrieiuous: We use our vehicles to manipulate our physical frequency of our vessels, our bodies. In order to change the position that we're at in time. We adopted this technology from Zeta's.

Viking: The tachyon propulsion?

Adrieiuous: Yes. But we use for our propulsion system, we use photo radionic drive. And we use graviton engines, which we also adopted from Zeta's, to stabilize our vehicles.


Jessica: So the Zeta's provided something good?

Adrieiuous: Oh no they didn't provided. They tried to enter our system and we we managed to confiscate two of their vehicles.

Jessica: How how advanced technology, technologically are they? I mean they are all over the universe. I mean what are they doing out there?

Adrieiuous: Well they use their, in order to travel, they use their Graviton engines for an initial boost, but they do use their time displacement systems. I guess we could call this. To be able to change their position. And change their position in time in order to appear to a specific location. So this helps them with the jumps. They're not traveling so long. They've been around for a long time. They come from a place of star systems Zeta reticuli, but they were once fourth dimensional beings. They came here. They used to look like us. Through cloning, through massive cloning they, you know by traveling and exploring before their technology was advanced enough to actually jump in time. They would clone themselves constantly so that they had a population when they arrived to their destination, because their old vessels would wear down and die. And they would recycle back into those clones they created, that had the identical genetic fingerprint of their light beings. So as a result of that, over a very long period of time of cloning themselves their DNA became unviable due to you know free radicals. And such radiation caused their DNA to start to break down. And as they were cloning themselves, once again, they became like a fax of a fax of the fax.


2017 08 27 FADP Adrieiuous Angelika Evi /6103-6592/

Transcript: http://bit.ly/2MmIJ4g

Angelika : How many dimensions are there?

Adrieiuous: That question is endless loop of answer.

Angelika : Okay.

Adrieiuous: You see. Dimensions they keep going. The furthest I've seen is 7th. I haven't been able to see beyond that, because that's the highest I've made it to. But the 5th is where most people make it. And the 4th, but there are so so many dimensions. This is an onion that not only grows outwards, but grows inwards to. Almost eternally. So how many freq. It's like asking how high numbers can go? Where the number end? Where does a circle end? Where does a sphere end? It just goes and goes, and goes.  So there are many, many answers that lead in circles like that in this world, in this universe, because everything is very eternal. Now timelines are different.. There are many, many timelines, but there are a set amount of variables. So there is a point where it comes back around full circle. But every timeline has its own set of unique variables -settings, preferences. Each variable slightly different value, than the timeline next to it, or the one next to that. And this is what differentiates events between different timelines. This is why one timeline may have a different set of events than another.  Why they always do. And these events can also change,, when timelines criss cross, when they collide. You can have a variable completely swapped places with another timeline. This is what creates what you all call a Mandela effect. Where you still remember the past. You remember all the variables, that were there before. But now you see this new variab that has magically got injected into this timeline.. What happens with CERN, when they turn on that CERN collider another CERN collider in a nearby timeline also turns on, and like a magnet pulls these two timelines over each other. They criss cross through just for that moment and some variables swap places. And it creates kind of a helix effect eventually. And the more they do this, the more these variables they criss cross. The timelines kind of make what looks like a double helix.


Vizualization based on Adrie’s description

So anyway, timelines are a little different then dimensions. It's within the same layer. Within the same layer of The Onion.. But there are many different lines of variables all with the same set number of variables, just different values.

Angelika : Adrie. You said that we can go as high as Fifth Dimension or fourth.

Adrieiuous: No fifth from here is usually the highest most beings have made it so far, but that's not the limit, no.

Angelika : But this, in the new age I guess, people tend to think that we are in 5D already or going there already. And.

Adrieiuous: No, this is the third. But frequencies are always increasing. The frequencies universally are increasing, yes. They have been for a long time. Which will eventually lead this to become, let's say maybe 3.1 or 3.2D, eventually you will cross into 3.5. But it will take a very, very, very long time for that to happen. So. What I'm saying is the fast route, and the freeway route, to get there is to merely meditate. Raise your own frequency and you can help others do the same and get there much faster.

Angelika : We have to do our own work. There's nothing automatic about about it. And I think that's one of the deceptions, that are being put out into to the masses. Like if you are new to this, if you find things out. You go for example on YouTube and you look stuff up. It will be, you will be told:''Oh, there's nothing you need to do, just, just keep on doing what you've been doing. And you will be fine.'' And that's the deception I think.

Adrieiuous: That's more like cabals thinking saying: ''Just keep working and things will be fine. Keep slaving away. Keep riding your vehicle. You don't need maintenance." And then watch their vehicles break down. What happens when 100% of the time when people just keep driving and they never maintain. What happens to the vehicles? They break down. They will break down. Their bodies will break down. That is a guarantee, if they don't maintain them, they don't heal them. If they don't learn to raise their frequencies and let go of all of that, all of that weight that holds them down. All those anchors. So the czbal not teaching them to maintain their vehicles. It's just like things are engineered in the society to break down. Literally to break down. They engineer things in very cheap ways. They will break. So you have to go back and buy more. This is system of control. So they make sure that you can't travel far in your journey. They've guaranteed this by simply not teaching the people. To maintain their vehicles. To maintain their bodies. So anyway we are nearing the top of the hour here. Evi did you want to close with a song? We got one minute here..


Does that make sense?

You are so welcomed to ask questions



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