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I think traveling
I think traveling. From the day when I came in this dimension I as a light , subtle luminous creature , the light that is as fine as x- ray , which can not even eyes to see , I was endowed for unknown reasons , and inexplicably interesting formation called the body . This I am loving the natural light enters the subtle body which raises thoughts, touch, hearing , sight , but all this is so gross form and perceived as a small part of the infinite ... Read more
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three deep stages of consciousness
When your eyes are open, and thoughts are working, you are living brain is affected, and in fact disconnected from the universe. At this stage, do not come a lot of ideas, and in fact affect the lives of the causes. cosmic consciousness three basic levels: 1. Close your eyes and quiet the mind - the level where you can calm the mind and relax the breathing to calm the body. At this point, a very weak connection to cosmic consciousness, but... Read more
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