Otrais vēstijums no 9. dimensijas Niin.. LOVE

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  • Published : 5 mon. ago

Otrais vēstijums❤️ Šobrīd laižu pa tiešo angliski.

Dear child…
You’re asking what love is.
The great Grace brought you here.
You must trust the love.
There is a Divine Universe of love living in each one of us, in other words WE ARE ONE.
So you used to think we are from parallel, but in the end we are telling you – we are meeting at infinity. We are not outside of you. Everything you see reminds you the INFINITE LOVE.
Listen with your heart to frequencies now… listen these vibrations telling you – LOVE NEVER FAILS. Love is nothing about what mind offers.
Do not seek someone to love.
Love does not discriminate.
Love is always present. Love is not outside of you.
Please recognize that you are the life, in the same time you are the witness of life.
You are witness of this great Love.
You don’t have any natural enemies, except your mind… and it also is LOVE.

I love you, I love you, I love you… with all my loving heart.❤️

Channeled by Linda Vītoliņa

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