What are you seeking for?

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  • Author : Matt & Enrico Channeling   
  • Published : 6 mon. ago

Sometimes... Sometimes.. When i realize or you realize... What do i actually want in my life, what am i truly looking for..
Sometmes this queston even expands to What am i? A deep deep self realizaton question, who am i and where am i in a sence who is that obsorves the now happening? Or the thing that now happens..

But.. People run around, play around, go to work, come back, grew up a family, as this cycle is turning and turning, you are in the middle just asking your self? is this really for me? is this really how it should be, like a never ending cycle that repeates over and over for decades, for years, for centuries... What am i really looking for?

I Lay down and wonder, what is the true thing that the self is looking for, what am i looking for? People tend to build up goals, plans, wish list, to acheive things, to be and have things, people build up theire cariers, and call them selves diffentrly like im a doctor, or a lawyer, or a carpenter, but is it truly you? Is a name of what you are doing truly you?

What am i looking for in this life or here?
What is the path? I dont fit my self in form, or name of a process, one can certunaly be more and attain everything he wishes for... But will that be that thing what you are looking for.. Or the soul is looking for.

If one asks him self, deep enough, there will be completly dfferent answers from what the mind says, from what the mind thinks.. Is it peace? Is it more joy, is it some thing higher?

Im looking for a path back to my origin, to where i  come from.. The place of true light, the place of true joy, the place of true satisfacton and the disaperence of the question who am i? It just disaperes once you arive home from this journey of living on or in a wheel of happenings.

One being once said... The forgoten ones, seeking the path back to the self... Or to your true home.. And it slowly slowly happens utill you reach your inner bliss or peace state on which you can say... I have found my self. I have found my light... I feel it it is there shining in me. I feel the inner peace satisfaction or bliss where ever i am. What ever i do i feel it.. It is there.. It shines with in me, althou the happenings and the wheel can distract me from the felling or take me away, but now i know that i will never let go of this feeling of light. Cus i have lost it before, and now i know that its the true part of me or the true self of me...

Now i know what am i looking for... What are you looking for?

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